Our Game-Changing Approach
To People Development

Cutting-edge science-based theory that captures and convinces. Transformative embodied experiences that shift hearts and minds. Everyday micro-practices that change concrete behaviors. Fieldwork that drive forward breakthroughs in business, innovation, and teams.

Leverage 8 Powerful Interventions That Drive
People & Business Transformation

Each leadership program or journey that we design and deliver draws upon these powerful innovations in human and organizational development, individual and group coaching, and change management.

By integrating strategic, innovation, teamwork, and culture change activities and by helping leaders change their mindset and behaviors during each program, we turn leadership development from a cost center to a profit center.

State-Of-The-Art Human Development Framework With Deep Design

Cutting-Edge Self-To-System™ Leadership Thinking & Masterclasses

Experiential & Immersive Transformational Workshops

Breakthrough Strategy, Innovation, Teamwork and/or Culture Projects

Empowering Take-Away Tools & Self- & Peer-Powered Toolkits

Transformative Leadership Circles & Transformational Exec Coaching

Life-Changing Embodied Leadership Practices

Generative Teamwork Interventions & Group Engagement

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Transformational Leadership Theory & Thought Leadership

Leadership Development Masterclasses

Bite-size elements from our cohesive 5-module Self-To-System™ leadership curriculum and coherent brain-based theory of change Bio-Transformation®. Short, experiential, and powerful masterclasses that focused on your selection of 100 transformational leadership capabilities.

The Essentials of Transformational Leadership

An online, on-demand course containing 30 video-based lessons to help leaders onboard into the amazing world of transformational leadership. Videos can be customized into an online course for your cohort.

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Transformational Leadership Practices

Transformative Circles

A powerful and profound innovation in leadership development that unlocks and embeds deep practice in collective reflection, sense-making, decision-making, learning, self-mastery, adaptation, innovation, and collaboration.

Transformational Leadership Micro-Skills

A core suite of simple but profound skills and habits that unlock transformational leadership.

Embodied Leadership Practices

Brain-based embodiment experiences, meditations & movement practices to support leaders in mastering the “inner game” of leadership.

Transformation Tracks

5-30 minute guided audio journeys/ meditations that can be used multiple times, long term.

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Transformational Leadership Tools & Toolkits

Transformational Leadership Evaluation & Diagnostic Toolkit

Evaluation of 100 transformational leadership capabilities across 5 types of leadership.

Transformational Leadership Program Briefing Pack & Agreements

Sent out to every participant in advance of the ignition event and program commencement.

The Leadership Coaching Kit

Provides 6 sessions of peer-to-peer leadership coaching that drives resilience, self-mastery, change mastery, and leading teams through transformation.

Transformational Leadership Engines

Over 100+ transformation tools—each is a single page PDF to be printed for individual or collective use. Each takes between 1 hour and 4 hours to complete.

Leadership Values & Vision Toolkit

A beautifully designed PDF toolkit with a series of questions and exercises that help each leader explore their influences, principles, ideas, and ideals—past, present, and future—so they can design their destiny as a truly transformational.

The Leadership Purpose Kit

A beautifully designed PDF toolkit with a series of questions and exercises that helps each leader understand, define, and activate their leadership purpose.

The Team Collaboration Kit

A beautifully designed PDF toolkit with a series of questions, exercises, and a collaboration framework that helps each leader do effective collaboration and co-creation.

The Systemic Change Kit

A beautifully designed PDF toolkit with a series of questions, exercises, and an organizational/systemic transformation framework to empower leaders to design and lead change processes that drive sustained and significant positive impacts.

Transformational Leadership Storytelling Kit

A series of printable tools to help leaders craft, structure, and share complex change and transformation strategies, ideas, and visions—as well as more engaging and empowering emails!

The Breakthrough Innovation Toolkit

A shortened, learnable, and repeatable takeaway process for delivering game-changing and incremental innovations with any business problem—customer-facing, internal, process, supply chain etc.

Transformational Leadership Personal Development Plan

Designed by each participant—with support from peers and program leaders—to continue growth as a leader after the program based on their unique vision, ambitions, and stretch goals.

Resilience Mastery Toolkit

Beautifully -design self-managed toolkit that contains a 9 pillar science-driven framework for building resilience, robustness, and anti-fragility.

Transformative Communication Scripts Kit

Scripts that guide leaders through challenging discussions—with colleagues and stakeholders—shifting from transactional to transformational outcomes.

Pocket Guides

Printed pocket guides—postcard or business card size for individual, poster size for teams—customized for each client around content they have chosen.

“Brilliant theory and insights. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

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Transformational Leadership Experiences & Fieldwork

Program Co-Design Workshop with Key Stakeholders

Usually a 4-hour co-creative workshop with us and the core leadership/L&D/OD team—which allows the core design team to work together to fine-tune a program in a spirit of genuine co-creation and mutual learning.

Experiential Transformational Leadership Ignition Events

Usually a 1-day high-touch, experiential, and exciting in-person (ideally) immersive event that is designed to be refreshing, rejuvenating, surprising, bonding, restorative, transformational—and even revelatory.

Experiential Games & Adventures

Experiential games (e..g The Collaboration Game), cultural experiences (e.g the Hakka), and visits (e.g. to social entrepreneurs in a nearby slum) that move the cohort decisively from education to transformation of self and system.

Transformational Exec Coaching Sessions

We also often include 1 or 2 x 90 minute coaching sessions with leaders in a program.

Transformative Circles Deep Dive

A 2-3 day training program on the 12 principles of how to contribute fully to, develop the most with, and co-steward leadership circles. We provide techniques and role-play practice.

Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring

Put leadership skills to the test by inviting leaders to mentor rising talent to accelerate their own development as leaders, and to receive mentoring from emerging talent on how to be more switched on.

Conscious Leadership Deep Dive

Usually a 2-3 day customized and challenging collective and immersive experience (offsite) designed to force leaders to increase their repertoire of potential responses to novel and intense challenges.

The Collaboration & Conflict Deep Dive

Usually a 2-day immersion—with ongoing coaching, advisory and support if needed—into the creative genius of collective intelligence, cross-cultural wisdom, and co-creation—as well as how to reduce and transform the inevitable conflicts that arise in genuine collaborations.

Wise Leadership Retreat

An off-site leadership development experience—usually in a nature-based retreat center—to give leaders time, space, and permission to ask the really big questions; engage fully in the VUCA reality with all its challenges and pain points; explore purpose and legacy; and refine leaders’ capacity to be wise, not just smart.

Transformational Storytelling & Executive Presence Deep Dive

Usually a 2-day immersion into the art, craft, and science of storytelling, authentic voice, and presence—that includes multiple opportunities to create, share, and optimize powerful change stories with the coaching and feedback of other leaders and the experts.

Transformational Teamwork Deep Dive

Usually a 2-day immersion—with ongoing coaching, advisory, and support after the immersion—into the art, craft, and science of high-performing teamwork—understanding how to build and adjust teams to balance, stability, excellence, and results with agility, creativity, and adaptability.

Transformation Fieldwork: Culture & Designing for The Future of Work

Cross-functional teams from the cohort—not the same groups as Leadership Circles—work together to solve team, leadership, and culture problems that require creativity, insight, breakthrough thinking, and collaboration—and take the lead on designing solutions for a positive Future Of Work.

Transformation Fieldwork: Business Breakthroughs & Innovation

Cross-functional teams from the cohort—not the same groups as Leadership Circles—work together to crack hard business challenges that require breakthrough creativity and fresh thinking.

Master Transformational Innovation

A 2,3, or 5 day immersive deep dive into the challenges, pitfalls, and processes of breakthrough/disruptive innovation, using our “exponential & sustainable” innovation methodology.

The Systemic Change Deep Dive

Usually a 3-day immersion—with ongoing coaching, advisory, and support after the immersion—into the art, craft, and science of systemic and organizational change.

Solo Explorations

Self-exploration and self-reflection experiences in the real world suggested by the program leaders.

Transformation Tasks

Specific tasks set as “homework” within the program that leaders must do by a certain time.

Transformational Movie Watching

Fiction and non-fiction features set as part of program prep or homework. Curated by us and often include stimulus questions and guiding frames before watching.

Confidential Cohort Chat Group

A hosted and activated WhatsApp (or singular) channel to allow your leaders to stay in touch to build momentum during the program.

“We left like we’d just been called to serve in the army: motivated, inspired, provoked, and challenged.”


Team Lead, Major Bank

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