Transformative Leadership & Learning Circles

We host profound yet practical “transformative circles” for leaders and teams designed to rapidly boost psychological safety, trust, empowerment, agility, peer-to-peer coaching, empathy, relational IQ, and collaboration.

We help organizations initiate and fully integrate circles into everyday ways of working to create the ideal conditions to accelerate breakthrough innovation, adaptation to VUCA, business transformation, agile execution, and concrete culture change.

“An outstanding framework and powerful tools. A huge impact!”

President, Kelloggs

Key Benefits Of Transformative Circles In Leadership Development & Team Effectiveness

Transformative Circles are a powerful and profound innovation in leadership and team development. They empower individuals to contribute fully to their team and culture and embed reflection, agility, adaptation, emergent strategies, authentic delegation, innovation, and collaboration through daily and weekly practice.

Build Energized Yet Accountable Teams

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Generate Team Trust That Unlocks Innovation & Business Transformation

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Unleash Empowerment, Participation & Self-Organization (Without Creating Chaos)

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Transformative Circles—when held and co-led correctly—create the ideal conditions for leaders to feel seen, heard, supported, and valued. In the cut-and-thrust of everyday work, such a profound and generative sense of safety and fellowship is very hard to achieve.

A safe yet structured space to speak unlocks permission for participants to share personal challenges, provide mutual support, build relational reciprocity, learn from and truly listen to each other, and respectfully coach each other in the spirit of a collective growth mindset.

Transformative Circles provide safe yet brave spaces for leaders to share future-forward insights, challenge groupthink, strategize courageously, and engage in collective sense-making.

As well as opening up opportunities for strategic reflection and adaptive experimentation, they build the essential trust needed to navigate the tensions and stresses inherent in all genuine business transformation and innovation.

Transformative Circles accelerate cohorts towards a coherent and collaborative culture where conflicts are resolved; impasses and blockages are broken through; and ambiguities and uncertainties are engaged fully in together.

They are a game-changing antidote to outdated “command and control” habits, transform organizations by boosting agency, empowerment, and inclusivity—and spreading self-organization and distributed leadership.

“We left like we’d just been called to serve in the army: motivated, inspired, provoked, and challenged.”

Team Leader, Rand Merchant Bank

Harness Our Transformative Circles Pack To Empower Any Team Member To Co-Lead & Co-Host Circles

Transformative Circles are much harder to set up and sustain than might be thought, as they require a whole transformation of well-established habits, mindsets, and customs around meetings. To help teams feel empowered, we provide each participant with their own pack—to host their team circle and/or start new ones with other teams (that they manage or are part of). Each tool contains guides and nudges to increase the likelihood of success.

The 12 Steps For Unlocking Transformative Team & Leadership Circles

Having run circles for 25+ years, we have developed a theory and toolset for ensuring circles fulfill their transformative potential in conventional hierarchical organizations, as well as community groups, networks, and other emerging forms of organization.

We have crafted a 12-step framework that we introduce to leaders and team members progressively—in an appropriate way to their level of interest, care, and capability.

Unlock The Full Power Of Transformative Circles For Lasting, Tangible Culture Change

Transformative Circles rewire company cultures to be more participatory, inclusive, and self-organized. They are the safest and least chaotic way of recovering from decades of hierarchy, command and control, and unsafe cultures that breed disempowerment, complaint cultures, and “learned helplessness.”

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


Other Synergistic Teamwork & Culture Interventions

We have developed other highly impactful programs and toolkits to accelerate team effectiveness, transformative teamwork, and culture change.

All our interventions are based on one unifying and coherent model of change and work synergistically to deliver more exponential impact with each additional activity.

Upgraded Relationships with The Transformative Communication Kit

Become A Transformational Organization

Our vision for organizational design that balances agility with stability and purpose with profit is in our book Become A Transformational Organization: Galvanize Agility without Losing Stability to Survive and Thrive in the Digital, Disrupted, and Damaged World.


Contact us if you want a copy before working with you to build one!

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