Approach & Leadership Curriculum

Over 30 years in the making, our Self-to-System approach to transformation—and the transformational leadership curriculum that emerges from it—have been developed to be comprehensive, creative, and coherent.

Our approach is “inside out” because, in our model of change that is based on the latest brain, behavioral, and complexity science, neurons and emotions have to change before business results and social outcomes do.

The Self-to-System™ Approach

Unlike other approaches, populated with a hotchpotch of competing theories and outdated models that are confusing to leaders and incoherent on their own terms, our Self-to-System™ approach is grounded in a cutting-edge theory of human behavior.

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The Four Spirals Of Transformational Leadership
In Our Self-To-System™ Curriculum

We use various diagnostics and design techniques to co-create with you a seamless journey from self-transformation to systemic transformation.

Together, informed by your leaders’ stated needs and the needs of management for the team and organization, we choose elements from the 4 spirals of our Self-to-System™ curriculum:

Spiral 1: Leading Self

We lead ourselves powerfully—by becoming ever more adaptable, open, energized, embodied, self-aware, resilient, responsible, confident, curious, conscious, and mature—so we can show up fully in every working moment, meeting, and conversation to drive forward change, innovation, and transformation without being destabilized by change, crisis, competing demands, and constant stress.

Spiral 2: Leading Others

We lead others powerfully—by being ever more present, reciprocal, empowering, and empathic, listening actively and communicating clearly, and coaching, marshaling, motivating, delegating, and repairing effectively—so our people beat friction, fragmentation, confusion, conflict, overwhelm, and apathy to deliver positive and lasting change, innovation, and transformation.

Spiral 3: Leading Organizations

We lead our organization powerfully—by anticipating, envisioning, and forging the future, challenging, strategizing, and prioritizing effectively, and cultivating adaptation, belonging, meaning, and well-being in our culture—so our organization triumphs against disruption, complexity, turbulence, groupthink, underperformance, and obsolescence and delivers successful innovation, outsized value creation, and business transformation.

Spiral 4: Leading Systems

We lead our system powerfully—by becoming ever more alive, purposeful, truthful, transparent, and persuasive, cultivating wisdom, humility, and morality, and influencing, inspiring, and unlocking narrative, coherence, collaboration, and regeneration—so the systems we lead change and transform so that all people, and all life on this planet, can flourish as our organization does.

“Amazing, amazing feedback from our leaders!”

HR Director EMEA, Intel

Topics In Our Cutting-Edge
Leadership Curriculum

We provide insightful and actionable content, teachable tools, and embodied leadership practices within every topic.

Module 1
Leading Self

Building Self-Efficacy & State Mastery

Developing Emotional & Interoceptive Intelligence

Metacognition & Transforming Biases & Beliefs

Changing Behavior & Building Habits

Mastering Resilience & Sustained High Performance

Leveraging Trauma-Informed Personal Leadership

Managing Time, Attention & Energy

Amplifying Agency & Growth Mindsets

Harnessing Leadership Archetypes & Sub-Personalities

Self-Directing Leadership Breakthroughs & Development

Module 2
Leading Others

Harnessing Presence, Attunement & Empathy

Active Listening & Responsible Sharing

Cultivating Team Receptivity, Trust & Reciprocity

Using Clear & Calm Communication

Managing & Renegotiating Agreements

Enacting High-Performance Delegation

Motivating Different Kinds Of People

Leveraging Transformational Coaching

Repairing Relationships & Resolving Conflicts

Managing Effective Boundaries

Module 3
Leading Organizations

Making Sense Of Complexity

Leveraging Foresight & Future Insight

Challenging Organizational Biases & Assumptions

Developing Vision & Strategy

Making Strategic Decisions

Mastering Strategic Prioritization

Fostering Belonging & Psychological Safety

Innovation & Creative Problem-Solving

Unlocking Diversity, Dignity & Inclusion

Nurturing Adaptive & Developmental Cultures

Module 4
Leading Systems

Unlocking Purpose, Sustainability & Social Impact

Leading From Truth, Transparency & Trust

Cultivating Wisdom, Values & Morality

Wielding & Distributing Power Wisely

Inspirational Storytelling & Developing Executive Presence

Influencing Change Through Ethical Persuasion

Finding Alignment, Resonance & Coherence

Leading Collaborations & Partnerships

Leading Systemic Change

Thinking & Leading Regeneratively

“Switch On Leadership ran the most useful and challenging leadership program I’ve been on—and I’ve been on a lot in 30 years!”

COO, Syngenta AME

The Self-To-System™ Curriculum Covers
200 Specific Transformational Leadership Capabilities

Through 20+ years of research, experimentation, and practice we have identified 200 specific transformational leadership capabilities as leaders master the journey of leading from self to system,

We provide every leader in a team or cohort with our diagnostic toolkit for them to audit and evaluate where they are at across the 200 capabilities and we design the program to improve shared areas of need and weakness.

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“Their leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild momentum and align as one team.”

Senior Vice-President, SAP

A Rigorous Transformation Method
Based On Brain, Behavioral & Complexity Science

We are allergic to consulting myths and pseudo-science. Underpinning our curriculum is our original theory of human development called Bio-Transformation®.

Based on the latest brain, behavioral, and complexity sciences, Bio-Transformation® works with, not against, human biologies and cultures.

Thirty years in the making, it unlocks change as fast as humanly possible.

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