Our Self-to-System™
Leadership Curriculum

A uniquely comprehensive and cohesive brain-based transformational leadership curriculum. Our approach is “inside out”: because neurons, emotions, and brains have to change before mindsets, behaviors, and results change.

Your customized leadership development program might start with boosting emotional intelligence, transforming stress, and breaking through self-sabotaging habits. It might end with leading disruptive innovation, influencing across an organization, and driving systemic change across an industry.

The Self-to-System™ Leadership Curriculum

Unlike other approaches, populated with a hotchpotch of competing theories and outdated models that confusing to leaders, our Self-to-System™ leadership curriculum is coherent because it is grounded in a single, cutting-edge theory of human behavior.

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5 Leadership Modules Moving From Self-Mastery To Systemic Change

The Self-to-System™ leadership curriculum is split into five modules, each covering elemental forms of leadership that combine together to forge truly transformational leadership. Most of our customized leadership development programs contain topics from at least two of the modules.

“Amazing, amazing feedback from our leaders!”

HR Director EMEA, Intel

A Cutting-Edge Leadership Curriculum

We provide insightful and actionable content, teachable tools, and embodied leadership practices within every topic.

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Module 1
Conscious & Resilient Leadership

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
Personal Mastery & Self-Transformation
Resilience & Wellbeing
Interpersonal Responsibility & Receptivity
Transformational & Growth Mindset
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Module 2
Purposeful & Wise Leadership

Leading In Uncertainty & Complexity
Making Sense Of Complex Realties
Values & Ethical Decision-Making
Leadership Purpose & Personal Legacy
Organizational Purpose & Positive Impact
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Module 3
Relational & Collaborative Leadership

Relational Intelligence & Resonance
Transformational Teamwork
Empowerment & Coaching
Conflict Transformation
Collaboration & Cross-Cultural Intelligence
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Module 4
Creative & Innovative Leadership

Curiosity & Creative Intelligence
Empathy & Insight
Creative Problem-Solving
Adaptation & Smart Experimentation
Innovation & Transformation Culture
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Module 5
Influential & Regenerative Leadership

Executive Presence & Authentic Voice
Inspirational Storytelling & Vision
Unlocking & Influencing Change
Change Spaces & Processes
Systemic Transformation

“Switch On Leadership ran the most useful and challenging leadership program I’ve been on—and I’ve been on a lot in 30 years!”

COO, Syngenta AME

100 Leadership Capabilities Across the Curriculum

100 transformational leadership capabilities can be developed with our Self-to-System™ curriculum.

You either brief us on which of the capabilities to focus on—or we provide every leader with our diagnostic toolkit and design the program to improve common weaknesses.

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“Their leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild momentum and align as one team.”

Senior Vice-President, SAP

A Rigorous Leadership Curriculum Based On Brain & Behavioral & Complexity Science

Unlike most approaches, full of consulting myths and pseudo-science, underpinning our curriculum is our own original theory of human development called Bio-Transformation®.

Based on the latest brain, behavioral, and complexity sciences, Bio-Transformation® works with, not against, human biologies and cultures. Thirty years in the making, it unlocks change as fast as humanly possible.

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