Storytelling & Influencing for Leaders

Exceptional, experiential, and customized leadership programs focused on storytelling, ethical influencing and sales, rapid rapport and persuasion, developing an authentic voice, executive and stage presence, and presenting pitches and projects powerfully.

Build leaders who confidently engage any audience in complex and disruptive ideas, share bold proposals that gain emotional connection and traction, and use storytelling and story-crafting to drive investment, purchase, and action.

Key Benefits Of Our Leadership Training On Storytelling & Influencing

Storytelling For Leaders & Brands

Understand and leverage the power of narrative structure, inspirational speaking, persuasion techniques, and emotive communication to attract energy, resources, investment, and sponsorship.

Ethical Influencing & Persuasion

Explore how to ethically use cutting-edge persuasion techniques and the latest neuroscience and psychology of storytelling and influence to capture, captivate, and compel hearts and minds to change.

Storytelling Tools & Scripts

Use takeaway and reusable tools for designing and crafting stories that are emotionally compelling, rationally coherent, and drive focused action—and learn how to vary them to reach different audiences.

Presentation Skills & Authentic Voice

Practice how to speak with a clear, confident, congruent, and authentic voice that evokes enthusiasm, passion, and energy in diverse audiences—even in highly-charged and stressful environments.

Stage Presence & Connecting With Audiences

Learn often life-changing practices for developing executive and stage presence, for speaking publicly without fear, and for using engaging personal stories to connect with, and elevate, an audience.

Building Rapid Rapport & Leaving An Impact

Gain tips and hacks for quickly building resonance and rapport with diverse audiences, making ideas and proposals as sticky as possible, and getting things back on track when they (inevitably) head south.

All of our programs are customized and tailored to the context of your business. Get in touch so we can discuss how we can support your organization in navigating this brave new world.

“Did not just transform how I speak with my customers and stakeholders—it transformed our team dynamics by revealing our personal stories about why we lead.”

VP, Intel

Lead Facilitator on Storytelling & Influencing

Nick Jankel is an influential and internationally-recognized thought leader on how leadership, technology, innovation, and purpose are transforming the future of business and society—in an increasingly complex, digital, and disrupted world.

Nick inspires audiences and viewers to eliminate the confusion of our times as a futurist; take the pain out of business/digital/sustainable transformation; blast through the barriers that block innovation; and transform the challenges of teams and cultures by galvanizing creativity, energy, and action where they count most.

Jankel has worked with senior leaders from organizations like HSBC, Boots Walgreens, Unilever, Diageo, Google, Nike, Merck, Wal-Mart, and NHS; led systemic change programs with WWF and Oxfam; worked with entrepreneurs and social innovators on 4 continents; and lectured at world-class universities including Yale, Oxford, SciencesPo, UCL, and London Business School. He has a Triple First from Cambridge University in Medicine & Philosophy, and helped innovate the most successful TV show in history. In addition, Jankel has been a TV host and transformation coach on two network TV shows, helping celebrities change (MTV) and addicts transform (BBC). Furthermore, Jankel’s been a guest on CBS, Coast to Coast (twice), BBC News (on AI), Aspen Ideas Festival, Huffington Post, Hay House Radio, and much more.

Nick is also lead designer on an AI-powered platform and has been working in and around technology for 25 years with influential articles on AI published in major media outlets (e.g. BBC, Huffington Post, and more).

“The most useful and challenging leadership program I’ve been on—and I’ve been on a lot in 30 years!”


COO, Syngenta AME

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Tailored & Transformative Leadership Programs

We provide leaders with the tools, thinking, practices, projects, and experiences they need to transform how they feel, think, act, interact, innovate, communicate, and collaborate—so they can rise to triumph over challenges that nobody has ever faced before.

Leadership Programs That Deliver Concrete Business Breakthroughs

As a full-service strategy and innovation consultancy, we build real-world projects into leadership programs that aim to drive tangible business impact through the unleashing of new mindsets and behaviors

“Deep Design” For Maximum Trust & Traction

As transformation practitioners, we design to transform the actual leaders in your cohort—and adapt every journey in real-time as we learn works for your group and company—building more trust and traction with each engagement and responding to what is needed in each the moment)

Fully Customized Programs That Elevate Your Strategic Ambitions

We customize your program to fit your specific strategy, people dynamics and culture, and system/sector/market headwinds and opportunities, creating a unique combination of cutting-edge content and tools from our cohesive Self-To-System™ curriculum to fit your reality and elevate your ambitions

State-of-the-Art Brain-Based Tools & Practices For Sustained Change

We provide take-home tools and repeatable practices that leaders can master over a lifetime—rooted in brain science—that we have iterated over decades to drive concrete change through innovation, business transformation, and high-performance teamwork

Creative, Emotive & Experiential Design For Profound Transformation

We create and facilitate emotive and experiential learning moments to move leaders from cognitively ‘knowing’ a topic to fully embodying it in their everyday attitudes and behaviors—aiming to rewire brains and nervous systems so leaders become the change you want to see

Delivering Transformed Leadership Mindsets & Behaviors

Using our unique change methodology Bio-Transformation®—rooted in brain, behavioral, and complexity science—we empower leaders to transform themselves, their teams, and their organization as fast as humanly possible

With our pioneering, customer-centric Leadership-as-a-Service (LaaS) approach, we build an offering for you that includes some or all of these options depending on your unique context, culture, strategy, and leadership challenges—adding outsized value and unlocking major synergies between people, processes, and products wherever and whenever we can.

A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.



Leverage 8 Powerful Interventions That Drive Leadership Transformation & Business Impact

Each leadership program or journey that we design and deliver draws upon these powerful innovations in human and organizational development, individual and group coaching, and change management.

By integrating strategic, innovation, teamwork, and culture change activities and by helping leaders change their mindset and behaviors during each program, we turn leadership development from a cost center to a profit center.

State-Of-The-Art Human Development Framework With Deep Design

Cutting-Edge Self-To-System™ Leadership Thinking & Masterclasses

Experiential & Immersive Transformational Workshops

Breakthrough Strategy, Innovation, Teamwork and/or Culture Projects

Empowering Take-Away Tools & Self- & Peer-Powered Toolkits

Transformative Leadership Circles & Transformational Exec Coaching

Life-Changing Embodied Leadership Practices

Generative Teamwork Interventions & Group Engagement

“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg Company, North America

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