Storytelling & Influencing for Leaders

Exceptional, experiential, and customized leadership programs focused on storytelling, ethical influencing, rapid persuasion, developing an authentic voice, executive and stage presence, and presenting pitches and projects powerfully.

Build leaders who confidently engage any audience in complex and disruptive ideas, share bold proposals with gain emotional connection, and drive investment and action.

“Did not just transform how I speak with my customers and stakeholders—it transformed our team dynamics by revealing our personal stories about why we lead.”

VP, Intel

Leadership Training On Storytelling & Influencing

Storytelling For Leaders & Brands

Understand and leverage the power of narrative structure, inspirational speaking, persuasion techniques, and emotive communication to attract energy, resources, investment, and sponsorship.

Ethical Influencing & Persuasion

Explore how to ethically use cutting-edge persuasion techniques and the latest neuroscience and psychology of storytelling and influence to capture, captivate, and compel hearts and minds to change.

Storytelling Tools & Scripts

Use takeaway and reusable tools for designing and crafting stories that are emotionally compelling, rationally coherent, and drive focused action—and learn how to vary them to reach different audiences.

Presentation Skills & Authentic Voice

Practice how to speak with a clear, confident, congruent, and authentic voice that evokes enthusiasm, passion, and energy in diverse audiences—even in highly-charged and stressful environments.

Stage Presence & Connecting With Audiences

Learn often life-changing practices for developing executive and stage presence, for speaking publicly without fear, and for using engaging personal stories to connect with, and elevate, an audience.

Building Rapid Rapport & Leaving An Impact

Gain tips and hacks for quickly building resonance and rapport with diverse audiences, making ideas and proposals as sticky as possible, and getting things back on track when they (inevitably) head south.

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“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


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