Breakthrough Innovation

We support ambitious leaders to unlock customer-centric breakthrough innovations in AI-powered products, digital-first services, and purpose-led and sustainable business models.

We can ensure that you maximize the possibilities of exponential yet sustainable value creation while minimizing costly mistakes, wastage, and frustrations—by leveraging our proven process and toolset for innovation, deep and penetrating customer insight, and our world-class creative support, vision, and facilitation.

“Insightful and incredibly strategic with long-term exponential value creation.”


Head of Mobile Division, Microsoft

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Some Of Our Work In
Innovation Consulting With Multinationals


Global Biotech Company (Silicon Valley)

Working with C-Suite leaders to develop systemic and breakthrough innovations in healthcare delivery in the complex US sector beyond R&D—leveraging our transformational innovation process, toolset, and experiential workshops.


National Innovation Fund

Design and prototype a digital social and systemic innovation platform that can engage high-impact changemakers in collaborative action—leveraging our unique transformational innovation process and toolkit.


Construction & Property Company (European Region)

Innovate new business models for commercial property with cross-functional engagement with final deliverable a multi-stakeholder innovation roadmap—leveraging our transformational innovation process and toolkit.


Tech Company (Global)

Design and deliver highly-experiential leadership and innovation program to harness Artificial Intelligence across all functions aimed at emerging leaders and top talent—leveraging key elements from our transformational leadership programs and transformational innovation process.

UK Green Building Council

Industry Sustainability Non-Profit

Design and co-facilitate a cross-sector and collaborative systemic innovation lab process to ideate breakthrough, systemic, and sustainable innovations, whilst cultivating and driving collaborative activities between major member companies (e.g. Canary Wharf Group and Marks & Spencers)—leveraging our transformational innovation approach.


Global Pharmaceutical Company

Design and facilitate a disruptive innovation process to unlock breakthrough ideas for non-pharmaceutical healthcare solutions bringing together multiple internal functions and external industry partners—and supporting the internal innovation function across the global business to become more influential a change leaders—leveraging our transformational innovation process and transformational leadership programs.

“Very real and exciting innovations being shaped and processed—in our case, a step change to what we do.”


Managing Director, Lendlease

The Next Level Of Innovation Consulting

Most corporate innovation programs fail across a number of success criteria.

Over 20+ years on the frontlines of disruption we have developed a sophisticated, strategic, and systemic approach that delivers both extreme discipline and rigor and radical creativity and inventiveness to ensure your innovation efforts reap the rewards you deserve—future-proofing your organization, inspiring your stakeholders, and regenerating our crisis-hit world,

Unlock Exponential Value

Explore 10x-100x value-creation opportunities that transcend the diminishing returns of cost reductions/acquisitions/improvement by identifying and solving the growing pain points of emerging customers/consumers

Safely Disrupt Your Business Model & Industry

Avoid being disrupted by more nimble, creative, and insightful competitors by safely challenging the assumptions of your existing business model without damaging existing operating efficiencies and revenues

Leverage The 4th Industrial Revolution

Proactively, systematically, and creatively interrogate the capacities of digital technologies (AI, Blockchain, CRISPR etc.) to unlock game-changing innovations that can scale, adapt, and evolve in unprecedented and non-linear ways

Step Change To Be Sustainable & Regenerative

Turn constraints into creativity to invent the sustainable and regenerative business models of the future—and then backcast to your existing model—rather than attempt to minimize the negative footprint of new ideas after they have been created

Build A 5-10 Year Innovation Roadmap

Develop a roadmap to ensure your business units and vertical functions work effectively together to deliver game-changing innovations through shorter-term incremental and evolutionary innovations that create the foundations for the realization of your long-term vision

Derisk Your Innovation Investment

Maximize your returns, reduce consultancy over-reliance, and demystify “black box” innovation consulting by leveraging our proven process and teachable toolset with multiple teams within one program—amortizing costs whilst building long-term innovation capability

Attract & Keep The Most Innovative Talent

Attract the most creative talent, retain the best existing team members, magnetize ESG investors, and improve engagement to harness discretionary energy—by empowering teams with authentic purpose-led innovation

Build An Innovation & Experimentation Culture

Avoid the many pitfalls of innovation—and the dangers of poor innovation leadership—by using our programs and tools to upskill your leaders and team members as they do

“Both a compass and a Gale Force 9 wind!”


Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco

“Extraordinarily rigorous and strategic—yet also had a creative passion that led to breakthrough ideas designed to serve new customer needs.”


Brand Director, Virgin Atlantic

A World-Class 8-Stage Strategic Innovation Process
Evolved Over 25 Years Of Continuous Optimization

8 proven steps to deliver transformational innovations to your organization.

Harness 100+ Codified Tools To Drive Forward Innovation
Across Multiple Teams

Rigorously developed to enable cross-functional team to unlock breakthrough innovation—and empower multiple teams to innovate. Save costs and avoid consultancy over-reliance.

E.g. The Future Operating Context Engine

E.g. The Transformational Challenge Definition Engine

E.g. The Breakthrough Innovation Engine

E.g. The 10-Year Innovation Roadmap Engine

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

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