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Switch On Leadership is a purpose-led, global, and independent leadership consultancy specializing in transformational leadership, innovation, and teamwork programs and digital products. We strive to craft the most transformative—and so effective—leadership, innovation, and teamwork interventions on the planet.

Our Story

Founded in 2005, we developed out of a purpose-driven breakthrough innovation consultancy/accelerator. We realized that leaders cannot innovate breakthrough solutions to customer and social problems without the requisite skills, capabilities, and character. Since then, we have been disrupting, reimagining, and reinventing the business model and user experience of leadership, innovation, and team development in organizations.

We innovate profound, practical, people-powered, experiential, and evidence-based programs and products to solve the intense challenges leaders face in ensuring their organizations are match-fit for the future. We exist to help organizations expand through profitable yet inclusive and sustainable growth using the two greatest and most powerful levers of change: breakthrough innovation—and the transformational leadership and teamwork that drives it and lands it.

We have evolved a breakthrough innovation approach to deliver exponential and digitally driven yet sustainable and regenerative business models, products, and services. We have developed a Self-to-System™ leadership curriculum that empowers leaders of all kinds to consciously co-create a flourishing future for themselves, their stakeholders, and all life on the planet.

We build transformational leaders and the breakthrough innovations, energized yet accountable teams, and cultural transformations they need to ensure all stakeholders thrive. Thus, we aim to turn leadership development from a cost center to a profit center (driven by purpose).

    “Use their unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. Their ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”

Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Innovation

Our Founders Introduce SOL Programs

    “Challenging and thought-provoking, and great to see the emphasis on deep transformation.”


HSBC Bank Plc

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“Switch On is a compendium of insight on growth and development.”

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Our Experience

100,000 leaders developed
1000+ keynotes given
200+ leadership development programs delivered
100+ innovation leadership programs led

“Truly inspirational, thought-provoking, and incredibly helpful.”


HR Leader, The National Health Service (UK)

Our Self-To-System™ Leadership Development Curriculum

With  200+ leadership programs under our belt—and having worked with over 100,000 leaders from San Francisco to Shanghai—we have developed of two decades a cohesive and rigorous Self-to-System™ curriculum for becoming a truly transformational leader.

SOL Curriculum Spiral 2023SO 2022 Spiral - 5_1

“Brilliant theory and insights on transformational leadership.”

SVP, Pfizer

Bio-Transformation®: Our Brain-Based

Bio-Transformation® is a cohesive theory and toolset for activating and embodying lasting, positive change in individuals, teams, organizations, and systems as fast as humanly possible—underpinned by the latest brain, behavior, complexity, and consciousness science integrated with techniques and practices from trauma-informed therapies and the contemplative and wisdom traditions.

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“I am really impressed with the passion, detail, and research behind the topic, which is then coached and practiced in safe forums rather than taught or lectured. Challenged me to deepen reflections, increase self-awareness, and practice, practice, practice if we want to innovate.”

COO, Syngenta AME

Our Ethos & Purpose

Our high-touch programs and low-cost products return energy, connection, and creativity to organizations. Leaders and team members are encouraged to prioritize relationships with each other, customers, and the nature we rely on for all life as much as transactions. This liveliness, enlivenment, and ennoblement allows innovative and regenerative business ideas—that balance purpose and profit—to thrive.

We believe that businesses—when led with wisdom, heart, and smarts—can be a great beacon of imagination, connection, ingenuity, and hope for a flourishing future that we can all share in. We believe that big businesses and public institutions can be the most powerful force of transformative change in human history—as long as their leaders “switch on” and work to recalibrate capitalism away from extraction and addiction towards interdependence and purpose-led innovation.

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