Transformational Leadership

We design and deliver highly experiential, fully customized, and exceptional transformational and adaptive leadership development journeys—our flagship leadership experiences—tailored to your unique culture, industry, history, strategy, and ambitions.

We aim to transform how your leaders sense, feel, think, act, interact, communicate, and generate—so they can lead and land innovation, significant change, and business transformation and keep your organization relevant, ahead of the curve, and delivering outsized value-creation.

“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg Company North America

Customized & Experiential Next-Level Leadership Development
To Ensure Leaders Master VUCA

Most leadership programs fail to deliver the results promised.

We have developed a neuroscience-led and wisdom-wired approach to ensure your existing leaders unlock their most transformative potential to lead change, innovation, and business transformation required to stay match fit for the ruthlessly changing world.

Use your leadership development investment to land tangible business results, innovative solutions, and culture wins during the program

Equip leaders to drive forward necessary change, innovation & business transformation projects

Deploy state-of-the-art frameworks for sense-making & decision-making in VUCA realities, with competing demands, and under pressure

Provoke mindset upgrades in which leaders challenge their own assumptions, biases, cynicism & complacency—and that of their people

Engage busy and overwhelmed leaders with exciting, playful & multi-sensory experiences that spark energy, foster collaboration, and encourage the embodiment of change

Provide leaders with empowering insights from the latest brain and behavioral science into how people change—so they can relate, interact, innovate, influence, and inspire far more successfully

Accelerate each leader’s development specific to their challenges and reactive patterns—boosting their ability to foster emotional intelligence, authenticity, kindness, trust, effective communication, and psychological safety

Benefit from human-centered program design for rapid trust and traction, measurable impact, and cultural fit—blending the best of in-person, virtual, and peer-powered interventions

Provide takeaway tools that are coherent, not conflicting—and that can be used in the micro-moments where real leadership transformation plays out

Encourage purpose-led leadership, ethical decision-making, and sustainable and systemic approaches to business

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“The most useful and challenging leadership program I’ve been on—and I’ve been on a lot in 30 years!”


COO, Syngenta AME

Customized & Experiential Transformational Leadership Development Programs: Watch The Promo Video

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”



Master The Inner & Outer Games
Of Transformational Leadership

“Amazing, amazing feedback from our global leaders!”


HR Director EMEA, Intel 

Examples Of Customized
Leadership Development Programs

Our transformational leadership development programs are designed and delivered with the care, integrity, and creativity that can only come from a proven yet pioneering independent consultancy.

We have 20+ years of experience solving tough leadership challenges with breakthrough solutions: creating and deploying programs to meet, and then elevate, unique organizational contexts, cultures, and strategies.

See our Leadership Innovation Lab for more about our innovations in leadership development.


Global Multinational FMCG Company

Design a scaleable leadership development and culture change program to unlock radical collaboration, empowerment, and experimentation within the top 10,000 leaders worldwide and beyond—blending our transformational leadership and change approaches (incl. upskilling HRDs and spreading transformational tools).


Global FMCG Company (North America Division)

Working with the Senior Leadership Team across the USA to unlock personal leadership purpose and the business purpose of the petfoods division and connect the two together—leveraging elements of our transformational leadership curriculum and business purpose toolset.


Global High-Tech Company, EMEA

Design and deliver across multiple years a pan-European program for senior leaders across 20+ countries to develop next-level, technology-inspired leadership skills and qualities to maintain market leadership against new competitors—leveraging conscious leadership, purposeful leadership, influential leadership (storytelling), and creative leadership modules of our transformational leadership programs


Global Bank International Division

Build the capacity of 30+ HSBC Group CEOs to lead breakthrough innovation in their countries and regions whilst developing their relational intelligence and leadership capabilities to resolve interpersonal and cross-functional conflicts—leveraging our transformational leadership curriculum and elements of our transformational innovation process and toolset.


High Tech Company (China Region)

Design and deliver experiential leadership and innovation program to reduce interpersonal conflicts, increase senior leadership team collaboration, and unlock regional business transformation.


Tech Company (Global)

Design and deliver highly-experiential leadership and innovation program to harness Artificial Intelligence across all functions aimed at emerging leaders and top talent.


Major Retailer (UK Division)

Design and deliver distinct leadership programs to engage and empower top talent across middle management and the senior leadership team in the opportunities and capabilities for innovation, creativity, and digital transformation—leveraging key elements from our transformational leadership programs and curriculum.


Global FMCG Company (EMEA)

Design and deliver leadership program for the senior leadership team and Board to shift culture, mindsets, and behaviors towards agility and psychological safety—leveraging key elements from our transformational leadership programs and curriculum


Multinational Agri-Science Company (Middle-East & Africa Division)

Design and deliver a transformational leadership program for Syngenta’s AME Business Unit Leadership Team to unlock transformational leadership and sustainable innovation mindsets—whilst deepening self-awareness, self-mastery, interpersonal communication, trust, and emotional safety.


Pharms & Life Sciences (Global)

Design and deliver a transformational leadership program for AbbVie's Medical Affairs Directors globally, blending virtual masterclasses and weekly digital engagement with peer-to-peer coaching leveraging our Leadership Coaching Kit toolkit and framework.

“Amazing. Really eye-opening and inspirational.”


Head of Region, Tech Company

Tailored & Transformative Leadership Programs

We provide leaders with the tools, thinking, practices, projects, and experiences they need to transform how they feel, think, act, interact, innovate, communicate, and collaborate—so they can rise to triumph over challenges that nobody has ever faced before.

Leadership Programs That Deliver Concrete Business Breakthroughs

As a full-service strategy and innovation consultancy, we build real-world projects into leadership programs that aim to drive tangible business impact through the unleashing of new mindsets and behaviors

“Deep Design” For Maximum Trust & Traction

As transformation practitioners, we design to transform the actual leaders in your cohort—and adapt every journey in real-time as we learn works for your group and company—building more trust and traction with each engagement and responding to what is needed in each the moment)

Fully Customized Programs That Elevate Your Strategic Ambitions

We customize your program to fit your specific strategy, people dynamics and culture, and system/sector/market headwinds and opportunities, creating a unique combination of cutting-edge content and tools from our cohesive Self-To-System™ curriculum to fit your reality and elevate your ambitions

State-of-the-Art Brain-Based Tools & Practices For Sustained Change

We provide take-home tools and repeatable practices that leaders can master over a lifetime—rooted in brain science—that we have iterated over decades to drive concrete change through innovation, business transformation, and high-performance teamwork

Creative, Emotive & Experiential Design For Profound Transformation

We create and facilitate emotive and experiential learning moments to move leaders from cognitively ‘knowing’ a topic to fully embodying it in their everyday attitudes and behaviors—aiming to rewire brains and nervous systems so leaders become the change you want to see

Delivering Transformed Leadership Mindsets & Behaviors

Using our unique change methodology Bio-Transformation®—rooted in brain, behavioral, and complexity science—we empower leaders to transform themselves, their teams, and their organization as fast as humanly possible

With our pioneering, customer-centric Leadership-as-a-Service (LaaS) approach, we build an offering for you that includes some or all of these options depending on your unique context, culture, strategy, and leadership challenges—adding outsized value and unlocking major synergies between people, processes, and products wherever and whenever we can.

“Switch On Leadership’s transformational leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild momentum and align as one team.”


SVP, VMware

The Four Spirals Of Transformational Leadership
In Our Self-To-System™ Curriculum

We use various diagnostics and design techniques to co-create with you a seamless journey from self-transformation to systemic transformation.

Together, informed by your leaders’ stated needs and the needs of management for the team and organization, we choose elements from the 4 spirals of our Self-to-System™ curriculum:

Spiral 1: Leading Self

We lead ourselves powerfully—by becoming ever more adaptable, open, energized, embodied, self-aware, resilient, responsible, confident, curious, conscious, and mature—so we can show up fully in every working moment, meeting, and conversation to drive forward change, innovation, and transformation without being destabilized by change, crisis, competing demands, and constant stress.

Spiral 2: Leading Others

We lead others powerfully—by being ever more present, reciprocal, empowering, and empathic, listening actively and communicating clearly, and coaching, marshaling, motivating, delegating, and repairing effectively—so our people beat friction, fragmentation, confusion, conflict, overwhelm, and apathy to deliver positive and lasting change, innovation, and transformation.

Spiral 3: Leading Organizations

We lead our organization powerfully—by anticipating, envisioning, and forging the future, challenging, strategizing, and prioritizing effectively, and cultivating adaptation, belonging, meaning, and well-being in our culture—so our organization triumphs against disruption, complexity, turbulence, groupthink, underperformance, and obsolescence and delivers successful innovation, outsized value creation, and business transformation.

Spiral 4: Leading Systems

We lead our system powerfully—by becoming ever more alive, purposeful, truthful, transparent, and persuasive, cultivating wisdom, humility, and morality, and influencing, inspiring, and unlocking narrative, coherence, collaboration, and regeneration—so the systems we lead change and transform so that all people, and all life on this planet, can flourish as our organization does.

“Brilliant theory and insights on leadership. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

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