Transformational Leadership

Simply put, we strive to co-create with our clients the most transformative—and so effective—leadership development programs on the planet.

We aim to transform how your leaders sense, feel, think, act, interact, relate, communicate, collaborate, and innovate—while we support them as a group to unlock innovation opportunities, land significant team and culture change, and drive forward business transformation.

We do this through designing and delivering experiential, customized, and exceptional transformational leadership development journeys—our flagship leadership experiences—tailored to your unique culture, industry, history, strategy, and ambitions.

“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg Company, North America

The Next Generation Of Leadership Development

Most leadership programs fail to deliver the results promised—and are locked in an outdated training/education model that fails to deliver business impact.

With our origins in strategy and innovation consulting, we have researched, innovated, and tested over many years a genuinely new approach to leadership development designed to equip leaders with everything they need to solve the challenges they face.

Link Leadership Development To Business Growth

Use your leadership development investment to land tangible business impact through breakthrough innovations, teamwork changes, or culture change wins during the program

Build The Capabilities For Leading Change, Transformation & Innovation

Equip leaders with the skills and mindset they need to drive forward necessary change, innovation & business transformation projects that keep your organization match fit for the future

Radically Improve Sense-Making, Decision-Making & Prioritization in VUCA

Deploy state-of-the-art frameworks for sense-making and decision-making in VUCA realities to help leaders strategize and prioritize resources to drive inclusive and sustainable growth

Tailor Interventions To Fit Your Culture & Accelerate Your Ambitions

Leverage human-centered design to optimize your program for rapid trust and traction and design it to move your leadership team and culture toward more coherence, resonance, and strategic success

Unlock Trust, Energy & Creativity Without Losing Accountability

Boost emotional intelligence, authenticity, kindness, trust, effective communication, and psychological safety without losing accountability and striving for excellence

Provide Actionable & Science-Driven Leadership Tools & Theory

Drive concrete behavior change with tools and theory leaders can trust that are derived from the latest brain, behavioral, complexity, consciousness, and contemplative sciences

Personalize Programs To Meet The Needs Of Each Leader

Meet every leader where they are at and accelerate their development according to their specific challenges, needs, and unique patterns

Rapidly Unlock Growth & Transformation Mindsets

Provoke mindset upgrades and challenge complacency, assumptions, biases, and cynicism to unlock latent potential for innovation and outsized returns

Develop Your Leaders “In The Flow Of Work”

Support your leaders to grow and change on the job in the micro-moments where leadership transformation plays out with peer-to-peer coaching, self-managed toolkits, and daily leadership practices

Go Beyond Education To Drive Momentum & Transformation

Leverage the power of truly transformative in-person experiences that unleash energy, collaboration, and concrete change—along with cost- and carbon-effective virtual interventions, tools/toolkits, and digital engagement

“The most useful and challenging leadership program I’ve been on—and I’ve been on a lot in 30 years!”


COO, Syngenta AME

Our Experience In Leadership Development

100,000+ leaders developed
250+ leadership development programs
200+ leadership capabilities
100+ takeaway tools

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


CEO, HSBC Africa

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“A wake-up call for every leader to become a truly transformational leader today for a better tomorrow!”


Head Of Marketing, Alfa Laval

See What Our Leadership Development Programs Look & Feel Like

“Amazing. Really eye-opening and inspirational.”


Regional GM, Zalando

Master The Inner & Outer Games
Of Transformational Leadership

“Amazing, amazing feedback from our global leaders!”


HR Director EMEA, Intel 

Examples Of Previous Customized
Leadership Development Programs


Global Multinational FMCG Company

Design a scaleable leadership development and culture change program to unlock collaboration, empowerment, and innovation/experimentation in the top 10,000 leaders worldwide upskill HR Business Parrners to spread the customized transformational tools


Global FMCG Company (North America Division)

Design with the Senior Leadership Team and deliver across the USA a program to unlock each leader's leadership purpose of the petfoods division and connect it with the purpose of the business/brands


Global High-Tech Company, EMEA

Design and deliver across multiple years a pan-European program for senior leaders across 20+ countries to develop next-level and digital-first leadership capabilities (from self-leadership to storytelling) to compete against new and more agile competitors


Global Bank International Division

Design and deliver a program to build the capacity of 30+ HSBC Group CEOs to lead breakthrough innovation in their countries and regions whilst developing their relational intelligence and leadership capabilities to resolve interpersonal and cross-functional conflicts


High Tech Company (China Region)

Design and deliver experiential leadership and innovation program to reduce interpersonal conflicts, increase senior leadership team collaboration, and unlock regional business transformation.


Tech Company (Global)

Design and deliver highly-experiential leadership and innovation program to harness Artificial Intelligence across all functions aimed at emerging leaders and top talent.


Major Retailer (UK Division)

Design and deliver various transformational leadership programs to engage and empower different talent bands across middle management and senior leadership focused on innovation, creativity, and digital transformation.


Global FMCG Company (EMEA)

Design and deliver a leadership program for the executive leadership team to shift culture, mindsets, and behaviors towards agility and psychological safety.


Multinational Agri-Science Company (Middle-East & Africa Division)

Design and deliver a transformational leadership program for the top 40 to unlock transformational leadership, deepen self-awareness and self-mastery, and radically improve interpersonal communication, trust, and emotional safety.


Pharms & Life Sciences (Global)

Design and deliver an entirely virtual transformational leadership program for AbbVie's Medical Affairs Directors globally, blending virtual masterclasses, weekly digital engagement, and our peer-to-peer leadership coaching.

“Brilliant theory and insights on leadership. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

Leverage 8 Powerful Interventions That Drive
People & Business Transformation

Each leadership program or journey that we design and deliver draws upon these powerful innovations in human and organizational development, individual and group coaching, and change management.

By integrating strategic, innovation, teamwork, and culture change activities and by helping leaders change their mindset and behaviors during each program, we turn leadership development from a cost center to a profit center.

State-Of-The-Art Human Development Framework With Deep Design

Cutting-Edge Self-To-System™ Leadership Thinking & Masterclasses

Experiential & Immersive Transformational Workshops

Breakthrough Strategy, Innovation, Teamwork and/or Culture Projects

Empowering Take-Away Tools & Self- & Peer-Powered Toolkits

Transformative Leadership Circles & Transformational Exec Coaching

Life-Changing Embodied Leadership Practices

Generative Teamwork Interventions & Group Engagement

“Switch On Leadership’s transformational leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild momentum and align as one team.”


SVP, VMware

The Four Spirals Of Transformational Leadership
In Our Self-To-System™ Curriculum

We use various diagnostics and design techniques to co-create with you a seamless journey focusing on your choice of leadership topics ranging from self-transformation to systemic change.

Together, informed by your leaders’ needs and the needs of management, we choose elements from the four spirals within our Self-to-System™ leadership curriculum:

Spiral 1: Leading Self

Building Self-Efficacy & State Mastery

Developing Emotional & Interoceptive Intelligence

Metacognition & Transforming Biases & Beliefs

Changing Behavior & Building Habits

Mastering Resilience & Sustained High Performance

Leveraging Trauma-Informed Personal Leadership

Managing Time, Attention & Energy

Amplifying Agency & Growth Mindsets

Harnessing Leadership Archetypes & Sub-Personalities

Self-Directing Leadership Breakthroughs & Development

Spiral 2: Leading Others

Harnessing Presence, Attunement & Empathy

Active Listening & Responsible Sharing

Cultivating Team Receptivity, Trust & Reciprocity

Using Clear & Calm Communication

Managing & Renegotiating Agreements

Enacting High-Performance Delegation

Motivating Different Kinds Of People

Leveraging Transformational Coaching

Repairing Relationships & Resolving Conflicts

Managing Effective Boundaries

Spiral 3: Leading Organizations

Making Sense Of Complexity

Leveraging Foresight & Future Insight

Challenging Organizational Biases & Assumptions

Developing Vision & Strategy

Making Strategic Decisions

Mastering Strategic Prioritization

Fostering Belonging & Psychological Safety

Innovation & Creative Problem-Solving

Unlocking Diversity, Dignity & Inclusion

Nurturing Adaptive & Developmental Cultures

Spiral 4: Leading Systems

Unlocking Purpose, Sustainability & Social Impact

Leading From Truth, Transparency & Trust

Cultivating Wisdom, Values & Morality

Wielding & Distributing Power Wisely

Inspirational Storytelling & Developing Executive Presence

Influencing Change Through Ethical Persuasion

Finding Alignment, Resonance & Coherence

Leading Collaborations & Partnerships

Leading Systemic Change

Thinking & Leading Regeneratively

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, an expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

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