By Nick Jankel

Global Keynote Speaker, Transformational Leadership Theorist & Practitioner, Exec & TV Coach, Author, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

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Intro: The Attention Economy for Leaders

As leaders, we all have so many signals of change to pay attention to in order to keep ourselves and our organizations future-fit. if we want to be future-forward, even future-forging, that list grows.

Yet neuroscience has repeatedly shown that cognitive attention is a limited resource. We live in an Attention Economy, so as leaders, we need to invest wisely in what drivers of change and business transformation we pay attention to.

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Therefore we have, as a company, looked at all the important trends and drivers of change that a leader in any organization or industry might want to know about—and selected 5 top trends that we think all leaders should invest some time and attention into with their strategic sense-making and personal development this year.

As all our leadership programs do, the list covers both “outside-in” trends and drivers of change, as well as “inside-out” trends. We, as leaders, must integrate the two within our single body/mind to stay on top—and to take charge of change.

Here is a list of the 5:

Leadership Development Programs

Ensure your leaders can confidently and consciously lead your people, products, and business models towards short-term success and a flourishing future—in times of great turbulence and turmoil.




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