Transformational Leadership Starter Kit


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Transformational Leadership Starter Kit

A selection of simple yet powerful techniques, tools, and practices to expand your consciousness and sharpen your craft as a leader of change, high-performing teams, innovation, and transformation.

How To Use The Transformational Leadership Starter Kit

The Transformational Leadership Starter Kit is a completely free digital toolkit (a PDF) designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet. You can also use it on a laptop or desktop. It provides you with 2-6 weeks of actionable tools and practices to accelerate your journey of transformational leadership.

Contents Of The Transformational Leadership Starter Kit

  • 5 Day journal to boost your self-awareness of outdated behaviors, mindsets, and self-talk that limit and sabotage you and open up more empowering self-talk that inspires and encourages you
  • 4 Powerful brain-based sentence starters to rewire communication to unlock more empathy and trust
  • 3 Transformative embodied leadership practices to unlock more calmness, connection, and creativity in yourself and others
  • 2 Open-ended questions that can cultivate more curiosity and connection within your team
  • 1 Highly-effective and motivating habit-building tool to drive behavior change today