By Nick Jankel

Professional Global Keynote Speaker, Transformation & Innovation Catalyst, Leadership Theorist & Practitioner, 6 x Dyslexic Author, 3 x TV Coach, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

There is nothing separate from you; there is not one thing that is indistinguishable from anything else. This singular ?eld is our entirety and between every single breath, if we choose, we can feel our interconnectedness with everything. This truth vibrates through every one of our cells in every single moment of life’s re-expression of itself. Our perceived boundaries are nothing more than blurred perceptions that see variations in density as separate and distinct objects. We are the perceptual mechanisms – the feedback loops of the singular ?eld of consciousness that is exploring ever more elegant forms of expression. In that place, you are not your name nor your age or your gender. Beyond the familiar sense of ‘you’ there is a much bigger sense of ‘YOU’ that is everything that has ever been. In that place you are the intelligence that makes the sun rise and the oceans swell. You are the alpha and the omega.WeAreOne!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we ache for a pure moment of expression when we lose ourselves in the moment, ?owing without conscious awareness and something beautiful (artful/divine) ?ows through us. A clear and perfect utterance or re?ection of a vibration that resonates so powerfully with who we are, and what the moment calls for, that we both disappear and arrive at exactly the same time. That small sense of separate self dissolves away to leave us feeling more present than ever. That force and ?ow of purity seeking its own reflection in our actions has been aching through us for the last 13.7 billion years.

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Close your eyes for one moment and you will feel the millennia twitching throughout your whole system – our ancient atoms are alive with pure unbridled light energy that craves reabsorption into the greater whole. The experience of one cosmic constant resonating vibration of home, of freedom, of being found, connected, whole, and complete. This is our journey, our only purpose, and all our other attempts to make meaning or find peace in this world will fall short if they are not informed and driven by this simple and beautiful awareness of our eternal oneness.

In a world operating without much practical awareness of the interconnected nature of reality, you may be able to feel that something is misaligned in the core of your being. It may feel as though there is a core corruption in the very structure of what is being peddled to you as the ‘normal way of things’ – a dark oddity of illogical nonsense that everyone seems to be going along with. A stirring nausea that begs you to stop, pleads with you to pause for a moment to feel the true power of your being, the real purpose of life and the joy, awe and wonderment of your true self. There is a deep calling to step outside of those culturally imposed imaginings, those toxic crushing normalities and formalities, which can stew the human soul in the most dark and sorry favor. But for all of that social conditioning, the crooked values, and false posturing, our connection is not lost, we are not something separate that can be cut away. It is only our perception of that connection that can be lost. I can say without any reservation that the meaning of life is the rediscovery and re-experience of the interconnected nature of reality – that is the home of all peace and all power. That ultimately is our purpose.

It is very possible that you have become numb to the natural part of you that would protest at the so-called normal world. You may have ignored your calling for an expression of something more beautiful for so long that you can no longer hear the invitation. You may have simply become incredibly philosophical or spiritual about accepting the world is as it is. That may also have slipped into a total apathy underpinned by a sorry sense of impotence. You may be wholly aware that having more rich and varied sensory experiences doesn’t really compensate for the loss of something more important.

You may be painfully aware that buying more things doesn’t make a jot of difference to that feeling of hollowness inside. So many of us know that there is something deeper being called forward from within us. There is something pure, beautiful, and perfect waiting to be expressed, reflected, and realized. There is some crystalline purpose longing to be fulfilled. Your perfect greatness is very ready to be delighted in its ‘Self.’


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