The Resilience Mastery Toolkit

Proactively build the resilience and robustness you need to become, and stay, a truly transformational leader.

Design an achievable yet bold 12-month plan that fits your unique situation and ambitions—drawing from 50+ science-based ways to build resilience across your entire mind and body.

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The Resilience Mastery Toolkit for Individuals

Proactively build the resilience you need to sustain high performance and flourish even as you encounter relentless challenges, mounting complexity, and inevitable future crises.

Today, all leaders face a ‘perfect storm’ of crises that will test their strength, stamina, and adaptability for decades.

Our ceaselessly-changing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) external reality demands that we all proactively pay attention to our abilities to bounce back from stress (being resilient), stay strong even when under intense pressure (being robust), and even find ways to grow, develop, and succeed because of extreme stress, adversity, and challenge (being regenerative).

We have created this 100% digital toolkit to help leaders build their own capacity for mastering resilience so that they can thrive not in spite of change and challenges, but because of them.

“I am stunned at the changes and the speed of them.”


HR Director, NHS

Key Benefits Of Our Resilience Mastery Toolkit

Embrace Resilience

Gain an evidence-based overview of the crucial importance of owning and developing your resilience in order to be a leader of positive and sustained change, impact, and transformation

Understand The Foundations Of Resilience

Discern the key differences between resilience (bouncing back from adversity), robustness (maintaining strength in adversity), and regenerativeness (growing through adversity)

Explore Our Model

Use our 9-domain model—the Resilience Retreat—to unlock sustained high-performance (which, to us, means delivering excellence and results along with creativity, collaboration, and change)

Get Inspired To Build Your Capacity

Explore a series of evidence-based and practice-driven possibilities and prompts for each of the 9 domains so you can choose ways to build your own capacity to recover from, withstand, and even grow because of leadership stressors and crises

Develop An Action Plan

Get empowered to develop a concrete 6-12 month action plan and timeline for mastering resilience—with achievable yet bold SMART goals across some, or all, of the 9 domains

Engage With Colleagues and Friends

Gain the insight and information needed to engage an accountability partner to help you execute your plan—to master resilience so you can thrive not despite change and challenges, but because of them

Our Model: The Resilience Retreat Framework

Based on the latest evidence base from the science of resilience—combined with our experience working with over 100,000 leaders worldwide—we have developed a framework for building resilience, robustness, and regenerativeness called the Resilience Retreat.

Download A Sample

Download a free sample from our Resilience Mastery Toolkit to try it for yourself and find out if it’s a fit for you.

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Inside The Resilience Mastery Tookit

27-page illustrated toolkit

A proven and rigorous framework for resilience mastery

9 resilience domains to explore and reflect on

Dozens of possibilities and prompts to inspire action

A powerful, timeframe-based action plan for resilience mastery

A 6-12 month timeline for achievement of your action plan

Full academic references and resources

The Creators Of The Resilience Mastery Toolkit

Nick Jankel and Alison McAulay are co-founders of Switch On Leadership—they advise, develop, and coach leaders and their teams to creatively, confidently, and courageously lead their organizations toward a flourishing future — in increasing complexity, crisis, and disruption.

Nick is a sought-after and highly-regarded international keynote speaker, author, and leadership expert who inspires, motivates, and empowers people all over the world to forge the future—rather than fail it. He has worked with senior leaders from organizations like HSBC, Boots Walgreens, Unilever, Diageo, Google, Nike, Merck, Wal-Mart, and NHS; led systemic change programs with WWF and Oxfam; worked with entrepreneurs and social innovators on 4 continents; and lectured at world-class universities including Yale, Oxford, SciencesPo, UCL, and London Business School.

Alison is a groundbreaking leadership development theorist and practitioner, executive coach, and trauma-based therapist with a mission to re-humanize businesses—and their teams and cultures—by expanding the consciousness, compassion, creativity, and capabilities of senior leaders and the team members they lead.

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