Transformational Tools & Toolkits

We have spent many years turning our cutting-edge leadership theory, techniques, and practices into scalable digital toolkits that complement our in-person and virtual leadership programs—and can even replace elements of them when budgets are constrained to ensure significant impact.

Some of our toolkits can be purchased by individuals.

Self-Directed Leadership Kits & Action Plans

Scale and spread leadership development interventions without the usual costs, limitations, and headaches. Leaders work at their own pace and in their own space to build awareness, reflect, learn, and plan their future.

The Transformational Leadership Audit & Diagnostic

Evaluation of 100 transformational leadership capabilities across 5 types of leadership.

Evaluate yourself on each capability, choose those you want to build more strength in next to deliver on your ambitions and vision—and design a personal development plan to accelerate your growth.

The Transformational Leadership Vision & Values Toolkit

Design your destiny as a truly transformational. Deep dive into your leadership influences, principles, ideas, and ideals—past, present, and future.

Choose and update your core values and envision the impact you want to make in your organization and system.

The Resilience Mastery Toolkit

Proactively build the resilience and robustness you need to become, and stay, a truly transformational leader.

Design an achievable yet bold 12-month plan that fits your unique situation and ambitions—drawing from 50+ science-based ways to build resilience across your entire mind and body.

The Leadership Archetypes Diagnostic

Self-evaluation of 12 key archetypes with their strengths and shadow sides—and then explore tasks and challenges to amplify strengths and transform shadow patterning.

The Leadership Purpose Kit

Inspires and enables leaders to explore their unique contribution to the world of work by understanding what is most meaningful and what is most needed in the organization/world—and where flow, fun, and challenge all collide for them.

The Transformational Leadership Audio Suite

6 audio tracks containing everyday embodiment and mindfulness practices designed for high-performance leaders, including: shifting mindset; reflection and awareness; processing emotional challenges etc.

Transformative Communication Scripts Kit

6 scripts that guide leaders to have challenging conversations with colleagues and stakeholders. Covers: Managing upwards; difficult conversations; giving feedback to difficult people; psychological safety and inclusion; curiosity-led managing; delegating etc.

The Transformational Team Building Toolkit

Supports leaders to build teams that can deliver change, agile development, and transformation using smart interventions that build the 4 foundations of transformational teams: shared accountability; mutual trust; collective flow; common purpose

The Team Collaboration Kit

Enables leaders to smartly and wisely design and contract collaborations that deliver appropriate outcomes across partners—minimizing risks and transaction costs whilst maximizing creativity and coherence.

The Leadership Circles Toolkit

Guides leaders to hold generative learning circles that flatten hierarchy, share learning and feedback, enable peer coaching, build trust and vulnerability, cultivate collective intelligence, and encourage the co-creation of bold ideas

The Transformational Organization Toolkit

Supports leaders to build transformational organizations which balance agility with stability—by designing themselves to benefit from the best of generative hierarchies and co-creative networks

Transformational Leadership Storytelling Kit

Supports leaders to analyze their informal and formal networks; identify different target audiences to influence, and their specific needs; and design narratives—both short and long form—to influence ethically and without coercion.

The Culture Change Intervention Toolkit

Empowers leaders to analyze the emotional, rational, and behavioural changes that need to occur—and wisely sequence interventions to help short- and long-term transformation to take place

The Systemic Change Kit

Enables leaders to quickly map the system they want to transform; identify key dynamics, agents, and feedback loops in the system; and spot “sweetspots” for interventions and breakthrough innovations

The Breakthrough Innovation Toolkit

A shortened, learnable, and repeatable takeaway process for delivering game-changing and incremental innovations with any business problem—customer-facing, internal, process, supply chain etc

Peer-to-Peer Coaching Kits

Scale and spread executive coaching without the usual costs, limitations, and headaches. Leaders work together, at their own pace and in their own space. Can be used in-person or remotely—and can bond colleagues together in the hybrid workplace.

The Leadership Coaching Kit

Develop your self-mastery, agility, creativity, impact and resilience.

A complete digital kit for peer-to-peer coaching to support you to become more transformational—so you can thrive in the relentlessly- and ruthlessly-changing world.

The Changemaker Coaching Kit

Great coaching—without the usual costs, limitations, or headaches.

Leverage our unique step-by-step method to transform a real-life problem you are facing—and then harness the method to make change happen in a community or system you care about.

The Collaboration Coaching Kit

Embrace & cultivate the most important skill of our age.

4 sessions of leadership coaching to develop collaborative mindsets, trust, and psychological safety; design better cross-functional collaborations; delegate and empower better; and reduce conflicts and misalignments.