Switch On ‘Life Clinic’ Registration

The co-founders of Switch On, Alison McAulay and Nick Jankel will host a very special live seminar on how to deal with life crisis – and why crisis means “a turning point” in Greek.  On Saturday 14th April at 4.30pm GMT / 11.30pm EST / 9.30pm PST.

They will explore:

How do we cope with curve balls that threaten to take us down – and turn it into a win?

How do we turn confusion and bewilderment into absolute clarity about what to do next?

How do we work with gut-wrenching fear and doubt inside us and turn into a feeling of intense and liberating freedom?

They will share insights, tools and techniques to help you live without limits – and answer even your toughest questions on what to do when the sh!t hits the fan. Join us for an important and free webinar.

Post your events ahead of the event within the event page or email sunita@switchonleadership.com.