How It Works

The Leadership System provides users with everything they need to enjoy a life-changing coaching relationship with a colleague. The System provides users with a safe and simple framework to support each other to grow and  thrive.

The System is centered on users asking each other solution-focused ‘Breakthrough Questions’ which tap into each individual’s innate capacity to be responseAble and empowered and solve their own problems and those of the organization.

It contains 6 breakthrough coaching sessions to enjoy together. It is totally “plug-and-play” and needs no other training or knowledge.

At the end of each of the 6 sessions, users commit to achieving a small goal. These goals build up to make real changes happen in performance and power.

The Leadership System moves users along the Breakthrough Curve, taking ownership of business or customer problems and transforming them into solutions that create value.

The System is designed for easy use on a smart phone or tablet in rich color with an energizing design to ensure users stay engaged throughout the process.

“It taught me to ask the right questions and understand why we behave in the way we do. This helped both in self reflection and in leading my colleagues to succeed.”

Construction Industry Manager

Inside The System

 The System is centered on a “plug and play” toolkit – which can be deployed across an entire business at very low cost.