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Nick Jankel is a top 50 global keynote speaker who speaks on how conscious leadership and wisdom can—and must—be leveraged to shape a successful future of business and society in an increasingly complex and crisis-hit world.

Research has shown that leaders have a more significant impact on employee mental health than doctors, therapists, or even spouses. In one study, men with a boss they didn’t respect were 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack. The world is becoming exponentially more complex, uncertain, and crisis-filled, leaving employees feeling anxious, confused, and languishing. There has never been a more crucial time for conscious and wiser leaders to switch on and step up.

It takes immense personal effort to muster the courage, conviction, clarity, and inner coherence to safely guide others through these times and steward them toward a more purposeful, engaged, and ethical future. However, many bosses expect others to change, transform, and innovate without first shifting how they show up, grow up, and shape up.

Having worked with senior leaders in remarkable organizations throughout my entire adult life, I’ve witnessed many well-meaning executives unknowingly sabotage their success, destabilize their grounding, and demean their team members. I recognize these behaviors because I’ve acted similarly for years. I had to recover from being smart and sharp to become even a little conscious, awake, and wise.

Together with my collaborators, I’ve developed a pathway and, crucially, a set of embodied practices to help leaders achieve the hardest task in life: changing themselves. This transformation enables them to then change their teams, organizations, and industries. Taking your brief, I commit to working tirelessly to amplify your messages and elevate your ambitions while remaining independent as a thought leader, challenger, and aspirer.

Every one of my keynotes is customized to meet and exceed expectations, connecting with your specific audience to unleash energy, momentum, inspiration, and traction. I can share how to unleash more conscious and wise leaders who are open, not closed, responsive, not defensive, and empowering, not egotistical. Learn how anyone can break and self-transform persistent and pernicious patterns that sabotage ambitions and diminish themselves and others.

Discover how to be authentic, humble, and vulnerable without appearing weak, weird, or woo. I can guide on making seemingly impossible ethical decisions with full awareness and ownership. Understand why fusing grief and gratitude, compassion and courage can turbocharge transformative action, be it on climate change or breakthrough innovation. Learn to use wisdom and consciousness practices to bring more wholeness and aliveness to every meeting and interaction.

Explore how conscious and wise leadership can elevate, enlighten, and ennoble others, co-creating a future worthy of their noblest aspirations.

    “Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.”


Special Advisor, President Of The United States

Some Key Takeaways Of Nick’s Keynotes On Wise Leadership

How to build conscious leaders who are open not closed, responsive not defensive, empowering not egotistical

How to break and transform persistent and pernicious mindsets and behaviors that sabotage ambitions and diminish colleagues

How to be self-aware, metacognitive, authentic, humble, and vulnerable—without appearing weak, weird, or woo woo

How to make seemingly impossible business, strategic, and team decisions with maximum moral discernment and ethical awareness

Why paying attention to grief and gratitude—and compassion and courage—can turbocharge transformative action

How to use wisdom and consciousness to bring more wholeness and aliveness to every discussion, meeting, and interaction

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“Inspiring and enlightening!”


SVP, Microsoft

About Nick Jankel

Nick Jankel Writer

Nick Jankel is a sought-after, top 50 global keynote speaker on transformation, leadership, and innovation. He is a Cambridge-educated medic and a globally influential and internationally recognized thought leader, futurist, and advisor for ambitious organizations including Google, Intel, Smucker’s, Diageo, LEGO, Kellogg’s, Walgreens, Merck, and McCormick & Co.

Nick is the co-founder of Switch On Leadership, a purpose-led leadership consultancy working across the world to solve business problems generated by the disrupted, digital, and damaged reality. SOL supports ambitious and purpose-led leaders to break through their greatest strategic, team, cultural, and personal challenges with creative, customer-centric, self-authored, and transformative solutions.

Nick Jankel fuses cutting-edge brain, behavioral, and complexity science, timeless wisdom, and insights from the frontlines of business and societal disruption to help leaders—of all kinds and at all scales—to develop and deepen their wisdom and awareness. Through his global network TV shows, 6x books, talks, and workshops—from Los Angeles to Shanghai—he has touched the lives of over 5 million people.

Nick has since worked to coach and develop 100,000+ transformational leaders, solve seemingly intractable dysfunctions and conflictual dynamics in top teams, advise C-Suite execs and national governments on innovation and leadership (including No.10 and the heads of all UK ministries), and lecture at Yale, UC Berkeley, LBS, and Oxford. He has appeared in The Times, The Economist, and the Guardian and has been a master transformation coach on two global TV shows.

“Very relevant to LEGO’s values and purpose and highlighted the vital importance of creativity.”



Philosophy & Wise Conscious Leadership Books

“This book is amazing. This is the time to switch on and Nick Jankel is a wisdom teacher for this time.”

New Consciousness Review

“Both fabulous and stirring. Lots of revelations in profound ways.”


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“A journey of adventure!”


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