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Creative leadership is a powerful form of breakthrough leadership. It is both adaptive and agile and can help companies and organisations to overcome deep-rooted problems that could be holding them back. It is a deeply powerful form of breakthrough leadership which can help individuals and companies thrive in this volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous world.

With the help of creative leadership, we master how to create, lead and sustain business transformations and disruptive innovations in products, processes and people. We learn how to create value with changing customer/employee needs, global risks and new technologies through safe, controlled and conscious organizational ‘self-disruption’.

This form of breakthrough leadership allows us to learn how to transform sustainability and social impact from a duty of compliance into fuel for transformation and competitive advantage. We learn how to lead win-win-wins (a benefit to us, our organization and the world as a whole) that move the systems we touch towards increased thriving.

We learn how to define, own and solve the right user problems (before others do) rather than deny or avoid them. Creative leadership allows us to master how to break through root causes, not merely symptoms, and how to gently but powerfully surface assumptions, challenge best-practice, overcome righteousness and stretch comfort zones.

We master how to design future-ready business models and deliver agile strategies that allow for real time adaptation – always in ‘continuous beta’ – whilst maintaining focus and momentum to Get Stuff Done. The development of a new form of breakthrough leadership will ensure we can unleash the creative potential of our people and prevent the organizational ‘immune system’ from crushing ideas and individuals before transformations are landed.

We understand how to actively recalibrate teams and cultures away from control and how to leapfrog inner and outer resistance, cynicism and limitations. This includes smart experimentation: leveraging MVPs, prototypes and experiments for hypothesis testing so we can ‘fail-forward’; learning from everything we do about both the specific project and the overall business and delivery models.

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