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Overview Of Our “Cell To System” Approach:
Transforming The World From the Inside Out

We have spent a combined 45+ years of study, service, and practice on the frontlines of individual transformation and social change. The fruits of our rigorous research and relentless practice are contained within this curriculum. Inspired by conscious changemakers like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, the developmental capability-building curriculum seeks to put purpose, science, compassion, truth, wisdom, and creativity to work regenerating our crisis-hit world.
Our comprehensive and coherent curriculum integrates insights from: medical science, psychology, behavioral economics, social entrepreneurship, systemic change, social innovation, leadership, brand strategy, and coaching—as well as deep dives across most of the world’s great wisdom traditions.

Our Neuroscience-Based Yet Wisdom-Wired
Conscious ChangeMaking Curriculum

This is a curriculum that has evolved over 15+ years to explicitly combine advanced spiritual development with committed social action—to harness personal experiences of liberation to continue into the world as systemic, structural & social liberation.
Within each module there is cutting-edge, brain-based content; inspiring thought leadership; deep contemplative insights; teachable takeaway Transformation Tools, change hacks & embodied wisdom practices.
The curriculum can be engaged with by selecting stand-alone modules or parts of modules, or you can harness its full power and integrity by leveraging the whole experience to develop conscious changemakers that can transform themselves and our world.
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Wake Up: Explore & Integrate Your Intellect & Wisdom As An Individual Changemaker

Self-Knowledge: Integrating The Neuroscience & Wisdom Of Mind & Body from Interoception to Enlightenment
Self-Sabotage: Maladaptive Patterns, Triggers, Trauma, Inner Child, Attachment & Addictions
Self-Transformation: Mastering & Embodying Change with Committed Inner Work, Ownership & Skillful Means
Self-Reliance: Time, Energy, Strength, Resilience, Boundaries & Recovery
Self-Transcendence: Non-Dual Experiences & Reorganizing Around Interconnection & Wholeness
Self-Initiation: Developmental Stages & Upgrades Through Releasing, Grieving, Healing & Receiving
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Step Up: Understand The Dynamics Of Your Space & Your Potential As A Changemaker To Reshape It

Foundations For Sense-Making: Connecting Self-Development  with Social Change
Ways of Sense-Making: Cognitive Complexity (The Scientific/Analytical/Quantitative Traditions) & Embodied Wisdom (Contemplative/Consciousness/ Qualitative Traditions)
Coherence & Congruence In Sense-Making: Inner Truth, Harmony & Satyagraha vs. Fixations, Projections, Confusions & Cognitive Biases
Making Sense Of Suffering: Opening to Pain & Compassion, Existential Crises, Compassionate Action, Life/Leadership Purpose
Making Sense Of Purpose: Integrating Compassionate Activism, The Bodhisattva Vow, Dharma & Devotion, Commitment Without Attachment 
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Shake Up: Leverage Your Purpose to Create Paradigm-Shifting Innovations & Business Models

Understanding Breakthroughs: The Art, Craft & Process Of Transformation
Causing Breakthroughs: Assumptions, Paradox, Paradigm-Shifts, Strange Attractors & Innovating at the ‘Edge of Chaos’
Designing Breakthroughs: Regenerative Business Models & Theories of Change
Executing Breakthroughs: Minimal Viability, Imperfection, Adaptive Execution & Pivoting
Leading Breakthroughs: Breakthroughs, Breakdowns & Emergence
Optimizing Breakthroughs: Creative Flow States, Harmonzing Stability & Agility
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Team Up: Bring A Group of Committed People Together to Improve & Execute Your Innovation

Forming Tribes: Interdependence, Boundaries, Relational Fields & Reciprocity (Rights & Responsibilities)
Uniting Tribes: Diversity, Psychological Safety, Attunement, Trust & Presence
Consolidating Tribes: Code-switching between different developmental stages & value system
Unlocking Tribes: Designing For Collective Intelligence, Cooperation, Collaboration & Co-Creation
Unblocking Tribes: Difficult Conversations, Heart-Centered Dialogue, Conflict Resolution & Repair
Evolving Tribes: Co-Evolution, Listening, Learning & Recentering
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Take Up: Inspire & Influence All Stakeholders To Play Their Full Part In Delivering Your Vision

Starting Movements: Crafting, Embodying & Transmitting Vision With An Authentic Voice
Influencing Movements: Stakeholder Mapping & Ethical Persuasion Techniques
Building Movements: Surfacing & Integrating Theories of Change
Inspiring Movements: Transformational Storytelling & Masculine & Feminine Hero(ine) Journeys
Managing Movements: Transparency, Generative Hierarchies & Self-Organization
Leading Movements: Service, Stewardship & Unstoppable Resolve
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Lift Up: Harness Your Enterprise To Shift Your System Towards A Regenerative Future

Understanding Social Worlds: Complex Adaptive Systems, Poverty & Precarity & Societal Stages Of Development
Understanding Natural Worlds: Living Systems, Wholeness/Interdependence/Reciprocity & Regenerative Systems/Tech
Envisioning World Change: Scenario Planning, Cosmolocal Models, Decoupling Carbon & Recoupling Connection
Designing World Change: Designing & Sequencing Systemic Interventions & Inventions
Leading World Change: Processes & Practices For Whole Systems Transformation
Catalyzing World Change: Conscious Activism, Ahimsa (Non-Violent Action), Working With Resistance, Holding Generative Spaces

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