A-Z Of Transformation Techniques

Your Guide To Transformation Techniques, Healing Therapies & Embodied Wisdom Practices

Breathwork Techniques for Healing and Stress Relief: Transformational Breath®, Holotrophic Breathwork and Rebirthing

By using our breath consciously instead of automatic-piloting our way through life, we can experience more clarity and move on from past events that are still running things behind the scenes.

Chanting and Kirtan: Sacred Sounds to Raise your Vibration and Bring Healing

Both chanting and kirtan are ways to de-stress and experience more of your human potential.

Life & Death: A Conscious Kaddish | A Spiritual Kaddish

This non-religious version of the ancient Jewish Kaddish was read aloud at the laying of 4 golden stolpersteine – stumbling stones cemented into the streets outside of the homes of murdered Jews – in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin on Dec 5th 2017…

Mantras & Mantra Meditation: Chanting for Stress Relief and Upliftment

Chanting a mantra can change your mood surprisingly quickly from down-in-the-dumps to uplifted and hopeful.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP & Changing Your Programs for More Success and Better Stress Management

NLP helps us re-program our minds so that we run programs for happiness and success rather than living out of old scripts that no longer serve us.

Vipassana: Mind Training for Depression, Anxiety & Other Problems

Vipassana or insight meditation helps us to see through everything that usually messes up our mental space – worrying about the future, feeling bad about the past, and chasing after the things we want.

Zen/Sitting Meditation Practice: How Sitting on A Meditation Cushion can Transform your Life

Zen meditation helps us to see ourselves and life more clearly and to let go of what we think should be happening – to enjoy and be with what is really happening, right now.