A-Z Of Transformation Techniques

Your Guide To Transformation Techniques, Healing Therapies & Embodied Wisdom Practices

12 Step Programmes: Thriving Through Recovery from Addictions & Other Issues that Hold you Back

12 Step programmes are a core group of ideas that can help us live our lives without addictions, compulsions and other problems.

Alchemy and Western Esoteric Traditions: Transform Spiritually, Get Rid of Your Baggage and Feel Connected to the Universe

Alchemy is a spiritual path where we find the keys to changing ourselves from unhappy and stuck into a state of total thriving.

Alternative Music Festivals: Experience Yourself Differently with Summer Music & Community Living at Glastonbury, Burning Man & Secret Garden

For a few days: chill out, let go of everyday responsibilities and immerse yourself in a world of music, art and mind-bending fun.

Big Change with Personal Development Courses: Landmark, Tony Robbins, the Hoffman Process, & The Journey  

We all need a little help sometimes, whether it’s to kick-start changes in our work or relationships, to recover from depression, anxiety and other problems or just to re-ignite our enthusiasm for life.

Breathwork Techniques for Healing and Stress Relief: Transformational Breath®, Holotrophic Breathwork and Rebirthing

By using our breath consciously instead of automatic-piloting our way through life, we can experience more clarity and move on from past events that are still running things behind the scenes.

Chanting and Kirtan: Sacred Sounds to Raise your Vibration and Bring Healing

Both chanting and kirtan are ways to de-stress and experience more of your human potential.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and You: How to Change your Thinking, Behavior – and Your Life

CBT gets you out of your thinking ‘rut’ and lets you start to imagine new possibilities for yourself.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): How Tapping Can Free you From Fears, Phobias and Negative Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique is just what it says on the tin – liberation from emotional and physical problems, limiting patterns and old beliefs, so you can rise up and be the best being you can be.

Entheogens or Psychedelic Drugs: Plant-based Substances for Insight & Inspiration

Also known as ‘hallucinogenic’ or ‘psychedelic’ drugs, Entheogen means ‘god within’ or ‘spirit-facilitating’, and can kick-start some out of this world inspirational experiences.

Family Constellations Therapy and Psychodrama: Breaking Old Patterns and Resolving Family Issues

Constellations are about working with others to explore the energy in your family dynamics and gaining insight into what’s really going on there – so you can let go of the baggage once and for all.

Fasting and Detox: Heal Your Body, Clear your Mind & Have a Fresh Start

Fasting and detoxing programs have become more and more popular recently not just for weight loss but for feeling more healthy and vibrant in general.

Gong Baths and Sound Healing: Super-Charged Stress Relief & Well-being

Stressed out, depressed, or in physical pain? Sound healing and gong baths are a powerful way to shift your being from suffering and ‘surviving’ into thriving.

Hypnotherapy & Visualization: Tools to Reach Your Goals and Transform your Life

Hypnotherapy and visualization work directly with the subconscious to change the things that aren’t working in our lives, so we can make better choices and start thriving.

Intentional Communities, Co-Housing, Housing Co-Ops and Other Ways to Thrive Up your Living Situation

Community Living Comeback You might think of communal living as a long-haired 60’s thing – but modern communes and other forms of intentional community living have had a huge comeback in recent years as people have got fed up with…

Life & Death: A Conscious Kaddish | A Spiritual Kaddish

This non-religious version of the ancient Jewish Kaddish was read aloud at the laying of 4 golden stolpersteine – stumbling stones cemented into the streets outside of the homes of murdered Jews – in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin on Dec 5th 2017…

Lucid Dreaming and Floatation Tanks: Exploring Consciousness with Lucid Dreaming Techniques and Stress-Relieving Floating

Lucid dreaming – a dream where you know you are dreaming – can also be used as a tool for higher consciousness and empowerment

Mantras & Mantra Meditation: Chanting for Stress Relief and Upliftment

Chanting a mantra can change your mood surprisingly quickly from down-in-the-dumps to uplifted and hopeful.

Mindfulness Techniques & Meditation: Combating Stress Symptoms in a Busy World

Mindfulness is the art of being aware of our thoughts, emotions and sensations in the present moment.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP & Changing Your Programs for More Success and Better Stress Management

NLP helps us re-program our minds so that we run programs for happiness and success rather than living out of old scripts that no longer serve us.

Past Life Regression and Rebirthing: Changing your Future Through Processing your Past

Thriving into the future can mean we have to go back into the past…

Personal Challenges and Peak Experiences: Finding Your Flow with Rock Climbing, Marathon Running & Mountain Biking

A hugely meaningful, joyful and self-fulfilling wave comes as you enter into the moment and achieve something important to you.

Power Up with Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Aikido, Tai Chi and More

A mighty way to up your physical, mental and spiritual fitness

Qi Gong for Stress Relief, Healing and Mind-Body Connection

Qi Gong – pronounced ‘chee gong’ – is an ancient practice from China that’s a combination of meditation and movement. In fact, it’s more of a movement meditation than a form of exercise. It tunes you up as it chills you…

Quaking & Shaking: Healing, Freedom & Joy Through Ecstatic Movement

Connecting to Truth & Vitality Through Spontaneous Movement Sitting meditation is one route into connection with the Divine/The Universe – but did you know there is another way, that is anything but still? Quaking and shaking are ways to awaken our…

Shamanism & Shamanic Journeying: Heal, Transform & Connect with Nature

Shamanism is an ancient earth-based wisdom tradition that offers a glimpse into a world much bigger than the everyday one we inhabit.

Spiritual Groups and Communities: Subud, Bahai, and Soka Gakkai

By being part of a spiritual group you get to connect with like-minded people and get support on your journey.

Support Through Life Coaching: Unlock your Potential & Create a Thriving Life

A life coach will use various tools to help you form a plan so that you can thrive instead of just survive – and start fulfilling more of your potential to have an amazing life.

Tantra and Meditation: Bliss Both in and Out of the Bedroom

Tantra is about more than sacred sexuality: it’s a way of experiencing our hearts and connecting with ourselves and others on a deep level – whatever the relationship.

Tea Ceremonies & Cacao: Developing our Mindfulness and Busting Stress & Depression

Cacao is a powerful yet comparatively gentle plant medicine to assist you on your journey.

The Healing Power of Nature: Nature as a Stress Reliever & Teacher of Thriving

Nature as a Spiritual Practice Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods after a difficult day and found your anxiety and stress soothed away? Time spent in a natural environment gives us a larger perspective on life:…

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, & Acupressure to Re-Balance your Energy and Release Stress & Illness

TCM works to re-align stuck, blocked energy and get you flowing towards optimum health and thriving in every area of your life.

Transformational Creative Practices: Improv, Art, and Writing to Unlock your Inner Artist and Change Your Life

Creative practices like improvisation, transformational drawing, sculpture and writing can help you to de-stress, let go of the heavy seriousness of life, and drop into your well of inspiration.

Using Therapy to Change your Life: Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, and Counseling

Therapy offers you some powerful tools and ways of moving forward in your life when you’re struggling with stress, depression, anxiety or life changes.

Vipassana: Mind Training for Depression, Anxiety & Other Problems

Vipassana or insight meditation helps us to see through everything that usually messes up our mental space – worrying about the future, feeling bad about the past, and chasing after the things we want.

Vision Quests: Using Nature to Find Answers and Connect with your Life Purpose

Vision quests are a powerful way to mark big life changes and shift us into a place of self-knowledge and more idea about our purpose in life.

Wicca and Druidry: Pagan Paths for the Modern Traveler

A forest, stream or mountain can be your ‘church.’

Yoga: The Body/Mind Workout that Helps you De-Stress and Thrive in a Crazy Busy World

Practicing yoga poses improves circulation and flexibility, massages your internal organs, detoxifies your body and has a load of other health benefits too numerous to mention.

Zen/Sitting Meditation Practice: How Sitting on A Meditation Cushion can Transform your Life

Zen meditation helps us to see ourselves and life more clearly and to let go of what we think should be happening – to enjoy and be with what is really happening, right now.