Leadership Development Programs

We offer short and experiential trauma-informed leadership development programs that introduce leaders and people managers to trauma and its impact on well-being and performance—empowering them to consciously, compassionately, and confidently support themselves and their employees to work with emotional pain in ways that unleash new possibilities

Past trauma and adverse experiences block individual and group performance, creativity, and collaboration in the present—and so rob teams and organizations of a flourishing future where innovation, adaptation, and constant change are essential

Key Benefits Of Our Trauma-Informed
Leadership Development Programs

Understand The Basics Of Trauma, Brain Science & Interpersonal Neurobiology

Learn the key concepts and definitions in trauma-informed leadership; understand the fundamentals of how disappointing, overwhelming, and adverse experiences impact the brain and body; and integrate basic principles for trauma-informed support, management, and leadership

Switch On Self-Awareness & Expand Empathy

Understand the mechanisms by which trauma in the past impacts present performance, communication, and team effectiveness—increasing the empathy and compassion of leaders and people managers around the pain and stressors of their team members; and radically increasing the self-awareness of participants about how their patterns of thought and behavior impact others

Unlock the Foundations Of Trusting & Reciprocal Relationships

Understand how to work with difficult emotions and interpersonal habits to move towards more trusting, caring, and reciprocal relationships—in order to cultivate a sense of belonging, supportiveness, and inclusiveness which are all crucial for overcoming the inherent risks of, and anxieties around, innovation and business transformation

Learn Trauma-Informed Leadership Practices

Explore some of the simple yet powerful (and fun!) everyday embodiment and mindfulness practices that can support the care and containment of those coping with pain, anxiety, and stress (including oneself)—and holistic approaches for how to calm emotions and settle nervous systems when one is triggered or hypervigilant

Hold Safe & Brave Spaces For Personal & Team Development

Experience first-hand some of the key ingredients for holding contained spaces for individuals to share their experiences and challenges in ways that feel safe for them—and that also remain appropriate for professional workplaces and organizational ambitions

Trauma-Informed Team Effectiveness & Culture Change Pathways

Co-create a concrete roadmap to move towards high-performing yet human-centric teams and conscious leadership cultures—with actionable next steps for team effectiveness, future of work, leadership development, and culture-change initiatives

Lead Facilitator On Trauma-Informed Leadership Development Training

Alison Exec Coaching 2

Alison McAulay: Leadership Practioner & Trauma-Informed Therapist

Alison McAulay is a groundbreaking leadership development theorist and practitioner, executive coach, and trauma-based therapist. A former Team USA elite gymnast, professional dancer, and choreographer in Los Angeles and San Francisco; she has a BA in Performing Arts and advanced training in trauma-informed therapies, including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, ACT, Attachment Theory, and Kundalini Yoga. With this wealth of knowledge and experience transforming hearts and minds, she has spent many years working with her Switch On Leadership co-founder to unfold the Self-to-System™ leadership curriculum.

Alison’s mission is to re-humanize businesses—and their teams and cultures—by expanding the consciousness, compassion, creativity, and capabilities of senior leaders and the team members they lead. McAulay is the co-founder and Chief Transformation Officer of the leadership consultancy Switch On Leadership. In this role, she is a coach and advisor to CEOs and teams at organizations like Syngenta, Zalando, Citizen, and LEGO

“Alison McAulay is like a gentle scalpel: both challenging and nurturing me to transform—and go way beyond what I thought I could do.”


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