The Leadership Innovation Lab

We have been using our own breakthrough innovation methodology and toolset to invent scalable and disruptive solutions to market failures and untapped opportunities in leadership development, empowerment, and transformation for over 17 years.

Innovating Leadership Digital Products & Tech-Enabled Platforms

We have developed a suite of cutting-edge self-paced toolkits and peer-to-peer kits that codify and scale—at low cost—high-touch and high-quality leadership coaching and leadership development interventions.

We have been working on AI-enabled digital leadership services for a number of years. With AI technology having leaped into radically new possibilities, we are in development with a powerful leadership development service for leaders that want to change the world—and don’t currently get the support.

We have also designed learning apps and platforms for various clients, including the UK Government and the BBC.

Connect With Us

If what you have read and seen is of interest, don't hesitate to contact us and we can have a value-creating conversation about how we can support you.