Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs that prepare leaders to leverage the opportunities and manage the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

We support your leaders to navigate this new frontier consciously, creatively, and confidently—with customized leadership programs, including AI-driven innovation processes and tols, designed around your current AI-readiness, strategic ambitions, and culture.

AI-Focused Transformational Leadership Programs

Generative AIs herald a momentous turning point in human history: a revolution perhaps bigger than the internet, the steam engine, and the printing press combined.

What do your leaders need to think and know about to play a confident and creative role in AI-enabled innovation and digital transformation in your organization?

What do your leaders need to reflect on and learn about to lead your people toward a purpose-led and human-centric, rather than dystopian, future?

Key Benefits Of Our
AI-Focused Leadership Programs

Tech Confidence

Learn the technology fundamentals and key concepts—enough to get the best out of experts and technologists confidently and competently

Experience GenAI Services

Discover and experience the scores of stunning Generative AI and AI apps and services already available—including services that can be used immediately across operations, marketing, and people management

Exponential  Innovation Opportunities

Be inspired and galvanized by the unprecedented opportunities for AI-enabled innovation and experience maximization in customer-facing products and employee-facing processes

AI Threat Readiness

Become more aware of the enormous hazards that Gen AIs could unleash in teams, organizations, and society if leveraged by underinformed, unethical, or careless leaders

Define AI-Ready Innovation Problems

Explore customer-centric and employee-focused problems that could be solved through AI-enabled innovation—and define the problems ready for breakthrough innovation thinking

Actionable & Concrete Next Steps

Identify safe yet concrete steps towards more insight and empowerment around AI in business growth and people leadership—workshop actionable next steps for potential digital transformation and AI-enabled innovation programs

AI Leadership Program Case Study: Zalando

Zalando: Artificial Intelligence Leadership Program

European Tech Giant

We designed and delivered an experiential creative leadership and innovation leadership program for top talent across all functions and divisions on how to make sense of Artificial Intelligence—and harness it effectively and ethically to improve customer experience and operational efficiencies.

“I attended the ‘AI, Leadership & YOU”‘ leadership program and loved it. It was truly so valuable and inspiring! The Switch On Leadership approach really fascinated me.”


Global Marketing Lead, Zalando

Download: A Guide For Leaders On Generative AI

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