Transformational Leadership
Foundations Evaluation

This Transformational Leadership Foundations Evaluation tool is to help you understand, and evaluate yourself on, the first 40 of 200 capabilities that unlock truly transformational leadership.

These capabilities form part of the first spiral of Self-To-System™—uniquely comprehensive and cohesive brain-based transformational leadership curriculum. Our approach is “inside out”: because neurons, emotions, and brains have to change before mindsets, behaviors, and results change.

This is an introductory version of our Transformational Leadership Audit & Diagnosticdesigned to start you on a journey of leadership mastery. Purchase a copy today for the full audit experience across the whole spectrum of our Self-To-System™ curriculum, or check out our customized Transformational Leadership Development programs for a bespoke program tailored to your organization.

The Aims of this Foundations Evaluation

  1. To provide you with a framework that can help you navigate your development as a leader across five key ‘spirals’ of transformational leadership—from mastering the ‘inner’ game of excellence to leading excellence in the ‘outer’ games of influence and innovation
  2. To help you understand the first 40 of 200 key capabilities that a transformational leader might want to develop to fulfil their potential to lead and land lasting, significant, and positive change
  3. To help you explore your levels of mastery of each of these capabilities in a coherent way—and evaluate yourself on each
  4. To identify specific capabilities you would like to develop more strength and mastery in
  5. To empower you to take control of your development as a leader so you can unlock breakthroughs in one or more of the capabilities through the full Transformational Leadership Audit & Diagnostic.

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