Transformational Leadership
Audit & Diagnostic

The charts below gives a graphical representation of your responses to help you visualize the areas that you might want to develop further.

You will have received an email with a link to your complete responses, and further down the page you can find an overview of your personal development plan.

Leading Self

Leading Others

Leading Organizations

Leading Systems

Your Personal Development Plan

Below you can find an output of the responses you gave for the plan element of the tool. Take a note of these for future reference.

One capability you’d like to develop…

The change you’d like to see…

The benefits of change for yourself…

The benefits of change for your team…

The benefits of change for organization…

Enabling & accelerating change…

Taking action…

Start making the change…

The Four Spirals Of Transformational Leadership

Through this introductory toolkit, you have evaluated yourself on just 40 of 200 capabilities that are needed for transformational leadership—all 40 are from the first spiral in our Self-To-System™ curriculum: Leading Self

Find out more about each spiral below, or read more about the full curriculum here.

Spiral 1: Leading Self

We lead ourselves powerfully—by becoming ever more adaptable, open, energized, embodied, self-aware, resilient, responsible, confident, curious, conscious, and mature—so we can show up fully in every working moment, meeting, and conversation to drive forward change, innovation, and transformation without being destabilized by change, crisis, competing demands, and constant stress.

Spiral 2: Leading Others

We lead others powerfully—by being ever more present, reciprocal, empowering, and empathic, listening actively and communicating clearly, and coaching, marshaling, motivating, delegating, and repairing effectively—so our people beat friction, fragmentation, confusion, conflict, overwhelm, and apathy to deliver positive and lasting change, innovation, and transformation.

Spiral 3: Leading Organizations

We lead our organization powerfully—by anticipating, envisioning, and forging the future, challenging, strategizing, and prioritizing effectively, and cultivating adaptation, belonging, meaning, and well-being in our culture—so our organization triumphs against disruption, complexity, turbulence, groupthink, underperformance, and obsolescence and delivers successful innovation, outsized value creation, and business transformation.

Spiral 4: Leading Systems

We lead our system powerfully—by becoming ever more alive, purposeful, truthful, transparent, and persuasive, cultivating wisdom, humility, and morality, and influencing, inspiring, and unlocking narrative, coherence, collaboration, and regeneration—so the systems we lead change and transform so that all people, and all life on this planet, can flourish as our organization does.