Transformation Tools

Make change stick with our teachable and takeaway transformation tools. Learnable in minutes. Usable for a lifetime.

Shift from inspiration to action. Move from learning to game-changing results. Go from ideas to breakthroughs.

“Both a compass and a Gale Force 9 wind!”


Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco

Harness 100+ Takeaway & Teachable
Transformation Tools
For Participants & Audience Members

Nick can include in his "experiential" keynotes one of our 100+ leadership, innovation, team, and change tools. These teachable transformation tools are learnable in minutes—but usable for a lifetime.

Each has been rigorously developed over 20+ years on the frontlines of disruption, change, innovation to enable individual leaders, cross-functional teams, and audience members to unlock transformation.

They are printable color PDFs designed to shift 'interesting conversations' into impactful results—reducing risks, empowering people to step up, and avoiding consultancy over-reliance.

E.g. The Leadership Purpose Engine

E.g. The Team Transformation Engine

E.g. The Smart Experimentation Engine

E.g. The Collaboration & Co-Creation Engine

“Extraordinarily rigorous and strategic—yet also had a creative passion that led to breakthrough ideas designed to serve new customer needs.”


Brand Director, Virgin Atlantic