Systemic Change
Advisory & Programs

Leverage our proven multi-stakeholder processes—purpose-led, brain-based, and deliberately developmental—to deepen the trust within collaborative networks and unlock transformative interventions that regenerate our crisis-hit world

We work passionately and diligently with systemic change convenors and funders to cultivate “soil” for systemic change (shared purpose, high-trust relationships, collective intelligence, collaborative behaviors) and unleash “seeds” of systemic change (transformative interventions, synergized initiatives, social innovations, regenerative models)

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

Next Level Systemic Change Processes
To Transform Wicked Problems

We are facing challenges of almost unthinkable magnitude and complexity. In this increasingly interdependent yet crisis-hit world, issues of poverty, precarity, climate degradation, and economic collapse are colliding to deliver a series of ‘perfect storms’ or ‘wicked problems’ that persist in the face of considerable intervention, innovation, and investment.

Over 20+ years of research, experiment, and practice—working with WWF, Oxfam, Green Building Council, NESTA, NHS, Genentech, Rockefeller and more—we have developed a behavioral and biological science-led approach to engage diverse stakeholders to come together around a common purpose: to land systemic transformation that opens up a regenerative future for all people and the planet.

    “Use their unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. Their ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public institution.”


Special Advisor & Head Of White House Office of Social Innovation

Some Of Our Systemic Change Projects

We have had the great honor and privilege of supporting many bold and beautiful organizations to expand and deepen their positive impact on the world.

Green Building Council

Industry Sustainability Non-Profit

Design and co-facilitate a cross-sector and collaborative systemic innovation lab process to ideate breakthrough, systemic, and sustainable innovations, whilst cultivating and driving collaborative activities between major member companies (e.g. Canary Wharf Group and Marks & Spencers)—leveraging our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.


Major Global Non-Profit

Design, prototype, and implement a social innovation lab for new forms of campaigning, activism, and influencing in the inequality and social justice space across the globe, engaging multiple internal and external stakeholders—leveraging elements of our unique transformational innovation process and toolkit.

Tech Nation

Government Technology Agency

Engage innovative start-ups and scale-ups from across the region to form a unique narrative to compete on a global scale for inward investment and high-value customers—leveraging our transformational innovation process and multi-stakeholder systemic change approach.

Innovate UK

Government Innovation Agency

Engage innovative start-ups and corporate innovation teams from across an entire system to input their insights and knowledge into a long-term sustainable innovation strategy for the industry—leveraging our transformational innovation process and multi-stakeholder systemic change approach.


Global Biotech Company

Working with C-Suite leaders to develop systemic and breakthrough innovations in healthcare delivery in the complex US sector beyond R&D—leveraging our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.


National Innovation Fund

Design and prototype a digital social and systemic innovation platform that can engage high-impact changemakers in collaborative action—leveraging our unique transformational innovation process and toolkit.


Global Education Non-Profit

Design and deliver a process to support the Senior Leadership Team to engage diverse stakeholders to co-develop a purpose-driven business, brand, and communications strategy to adapt to the fast-changing international education system—harnessing our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.

EDF Energy

Global Energy Business

Design and deliver a systemic and disruptive innovation process to develop electricity-driven products and services for consumers— leveraging our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.

Green Building Council

Industry Sustainability Non-Profit

Long-term partnership to co-create an “Emerging Leaders” program blending leadership development, peer-to-peer coaching, and sustainable innovation project fieldwork for future leaders and high-performing talent across the built environment system—leveraging key elements from our transformational leadership programs, transformational innovation process, and Leadership Coaching Kit


Global Non-Profit (Africa)

Design and deliver a leadership program for Oxfam's corporate and program leaders across Africa to accelerate innovation and impact—harnessing our changemaker capacity-building curriculum and our transformational leadership approach.

Rockefeller Foundation

Global Non-Profit

Facilitate a multi-stakeholder Innovation Forum and Summit around tech-driven solutions to scale impact—harnessing our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.

World Wildlife Foundation

International Environmental Non-Profit

Design and deliver a systemic innovation process to ideate, conceptualize, and communicate to stakeholders and influencers low- and zero-carbon public transport ideas— leveraging our transformational innovation process and systemic change approach.

“At the forefront of thinking and practice about social entrepreneurship and systemic creativity.”


European Union Directorate

We Use LOOPPs To Deliver Relational/Context
and Strategic/Content Outcomes

Most multi stakeholder and large group processes fail—wasting scarce time, scarcer money, reputational currency, social capital, and convening power. They usually descend into talking shops, the airing of pet peeves, unresolved model of change debates, interpersonal conflicts.

Our LOOPP processes work with human biology and predictable group dynamics to derisk time, money, and social currency investments—unlocking both effective and efficient co-creation.

Light-Engineered: A middle way between structure/stability and emergence/agility so participants feel safe and held but also free and enlivened

 Outcome-Oriented: Individually and collectively used tools (see below) ensure agreed outcomes are achieved—with outputs from each session designed as inputs for the next

 Practice-Powered: Psychological tools and coaching techniques ensure people can drop their front and show up fully—and so listen, appreciate, contribute, drive forward, create in the appropriate moments

Purpose-Led: We ensure hearts are aligned around a common cause and that minds aligned around a shared model of change

Avoid costly mistakes and derisk the process by integrating context and content, full participation and intentional direction, social and ecological justice, individual needs and relational needs, interventions and innovations

Hold a safe—yet structured and never overly-soft—space for exploration, learning, design, co-creation, experimentation, orchestration, and failure away from normal contexts so that participants can contribute their whole selves away from organizational politics and immune systems (and everyday KPIs and stresses)

Accelerate existing interventions and co-create truly transformative inventions by harnessing our disruptive innovation tools & processes optimized for orgs like Unilever, Diageo, Microsoft & Nike—but adapted to deliver planet-ready, prosocial, and regenerative innovations

Deliver tangible outcomes whilst designing for emergence at the "edge of chaos" using our LOOPP approach designed to produce concrete initiatives and innovations whilst providing time, space, and permission for reflection, collective sensemaking, intuition, and genuine creativity

Deliver lasting change that lasts well beyond the program by providing participants with some of our 100+ takeaway and teachable Transformation Tools, Peer-To-Peer Coaching Toolkits, Leadership Toolkits, Communities of Practice, Leadership Circles, and Transformational Leadership Practices

Include diverse and marginalized voices within a unified field of regeneration, harvesting the insights and ideas of stakeholders across the system whilst not being lost in forced flatness and consensus

“Engaged investors, start-ups, scale-ups, policy experts, citizens, and politicians in developing a coherent and compelling strategy and story for our region to play its full potential in the global technology space.”


CEO, Tech North (UK Government EcoSystem Accelerator)

A World-Class Systemic Change Process
From 25 Years Of Constant Optimization

8 process steps to deliver systemic transformation through deep collaboration and strategic innovation

“Supported our central team to bring our global impact ecosystem to life.”


Head of Global Social Entrepreneurship, British Council

Our Suite of 1-Page "Engines" Drive Forward Effective & Efficient Systemic Change Across Multiple Groups, Regions & Timezones

Rigorously developed over 25 years—and improved after every engagement—our toolset enables cross-functional teams from diverse backgrounds across a system to collaboratively to unlock systemic change and transformation-alternating between divergent/creative and convergent/strategic thinking.

The tools empower participants and stakeholders to become more transformational during the project and beyond—and avoid consultancy over-reliance.

“Empowered our leaders across Africa to design and execute effective collaborations and co-create program innovations.”


Director, Oxfam

More Depth & Details On Leading Systemic Transformation
& Regenerative Change

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