The Life Change System (Chinese Mandarin Version)


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 This toolkit gives you all you need to enjoy 6 sessions of transformational coaching without the costs, hassles or disappointments of a professional coach. In full Chinese Mandarin translation!

It is designed to allow you and a friend, loved one or colleague to coach each other using the powerful tools and creative techniques of the Switch On Way. You can also use it to coach yourself.

The toolkit uses the buddy system, first invented by the elite SAS military wing to help soldiers support each other in battle. Simply work with a friends, family member or colleague for 1-2 hours each week (or however often you choose) to coach each other to life success.

As you go through the toolkit, you will find yourself coaching with more and more elegance and power; whilst seeing things in your own life shift because of the coaching you are receiving. You get all this for less than the cost of 1 life coaching session with an ‘average’ life coach. If you can’t find a buddy who wants to work with you right now – worry not! The exercises have been designed so you can do them on your own too.

This toolkit is ideally used in conjunction with the Transformation E-course which helps you make the micro-changes in your habits that will ensure you make the shift inside as much as out.

The toolkit comes as a PDF to be used on a smart phone, tablet or computer. Please don’t copy or pass to anyone.