The Essentials of Transformational Leadership On-Demand Online Course


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Leverage the latest neuroscience, our cutting-edge transformation methodology to blast through the barriers that block change and innovation in organizations and systems.

Benefit from our hard-won insights from 25 years on the frontlines of disruption; the learnings from leading over 100 strategic innovation projects with companies like Diageo, Unilever, and Microsoft; our work with 70,000 leaders; and our systemic innovation programs for orgs like WWF and Oxfam.

The course contents are designed to help you creatively solve your business and leadership challenges that are arising in our times of rapid change and complexity—and guide you on how to lead change, innovation, and transformation effectively.

Split into 26 bitesize sessions across 4 modules, totalling 10 hours of content, each session contains big ideas, and cutting-edge neuroscience.

Key Benefits Of This Short, Self-Paced & Accessible Leadership & Changemaking Program

  • Use our 3D Futures Framework™ to rapidly yet coherently understand the seismic changes that threaten all businesses and leaders—and how to both avoid the threats and seize the opportunities they bring
  • Rapidly boost your sense-making & decision-making skills with neuroleadership thinking—so you can help your teams and organization navigate disruption with wise decisions made without perfect data
  • Learn why even our best attempts at leading change, innovation, and regeneration will likely fail because of how human biology works—and understand how to hack the neurological bases of the key blockers of all change
  • Discover the key differences between a Legacy Mindset and a Transformation Mindset—and why the smartest people get locked into a Legacy Mindset which increases the likelihood your organization will become irrelevant and obsolete
  • Understand how to creatively solve different the kinds of business and customer problems thrown up by the fast-changing VUCA environment—and how to avoid resistant and major fails by distinguishing between technical problems and transformational challenges
  • Understand the process of business breakthroughs vs. business breakdowns—and key principles for how to lead people in, through, and out of significant change and business transformation

Detailed Course Content

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All content and tools are powered by our unique methodology Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®. 30 years in the making, BTTP is a cohesive and coherent brain-based and heart-led methodology for driving transformation as fast as humanly possible.