Bio-Transformation® Basics


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Essential neuroscience and wisdom for transformational leaders and change managers

This course is designed to help you creatively solve your business and leadership challenges that are arising in our times of rapid change and complexity drawing on Bio-Transformation Theory®—our cohesive theory and toolset for activating and embodying lasting, positive change in individuals, teams, organizations, and systems as fast as humanly possible.

The course curriculum includes:

  • The distinct roles of leadership and management in transformation
  • The importance of continuous transformation in chaos, complexity, and crisis
  • From a growth mindset to a Transformation Mindset
  • Two brain networks and two crucial Modes
  • The neuroscience of self-transformation
  • Leading teams to transform
  • Leading departments/organizations across the stages of The Transformation Curve
  • Typical pitfalls and blockers to transformation that result in The Breakdown Decline
  • Understanding maladaptive personality ‘patterns’ that block change
  • The roles of emotion, cognition, behavior, and interoception in change immunity and change championing
  • Pre-empting the neurological impacts of uncertainty and overwhelm
  • The neurochemical foundations of trust and safety
  • Breaking patterns using the same neurology that generates them