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Our founders—corporate leadership experts—provide cutting-edge insights, powerful data, actionable tips, and leadership-changing ideas for print, podcast, radio, and TV.

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We can provide cutting-edge insights, data, and stories into the following subjects.

Leadership, Business, Technology & Innovation

Transformational / Adaptive/ Future-Fit Leadership
The Science & Neuroscience of Leadership
Trauma In Leadership
Conscious Leadership
Narcissism, Darkside Leaders & ‘Pieces Of Work’
Breakthrough Innovation
The Future Of Work
The Future Of Business
Conscious Capitalism
Regenerative Futures

 Wisdom, Transformation & Teams

Stress & Trauma In Teams
Burnout & Chronic Diseases
Work/Life Balance & Resilience
Transformational Teamwork
Science vs. Spirituality In Work & Politics
Spiritual Bypass & Spiritual Capitalism
Wisdom & Embodiment Practices For Leaders
Transformational Coaching
Plant Medicines For Leaders & Entrepreneurs
Conscious Relationships & Parenting

Our Experts: The Co-Founders

With 60 years of experience—and 100,000 leaders developed—between them.

Nick Jankel

Global Keynote Speaker
5 x Author
Medical Degree (Summa Cum Laude) From Cambridge
TV Transformation Coach (BBC, MTV)

Alison McAulay

Trauma-Informed Therapist
Former US Elite Gymnast
Executive Coach (Embodied Transformation)

Past Coverage

Leadership, Business, Technology & Innovation

 Wisdom, Transformation & Teams

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