Nick Jankel
Media Talent

Renowned Fortune 500 leadership & innovation expert
Master coach > cracked the code of transformation
Media innovator (e.g. Disney, BBC, SONY, C4, EA)
Seasoned broadcaster (e.g. BBC, BBC Radio, CBS, MTV)
Engaging educator (e.g. Yale, Oxford, UC Berkeley)
Founder 8x Purpose-Led Companies/Non-Profits

Empowers show contributors to transform tough life, business, and relationship problems fast

Engages audiences with captivating ideas and actionable insights

Eloquently communicates complex psychological and business subjects to everyday people

Efficiently delivers nuggets of media gold within tight production constraints

“Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.”

Special Advisor To the President Of The United States

Top 50 Global Keynote Speaker

Rothschild & Co
Abu Dhabi

“Nick has a pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


President, Kellogg’s


“Nick’s work is world-class.”

BBC TV Commissioner

At A Glance

Host & transformation coach on BBC Network show (4 episodes)

Transformation coach on hit MTV Show (celebrity relationships)

Designed & produced a well-being festival for youth (with guest incl. Adele)

Guest expert: BBC Radio 1, Coast2Coast, World Service, Hay House, CBC + 100+ podcasts

Global Keynote Speaker

Lecturer at Yale, Oxford, UC Berkeley, London Business School

Cambridge-Educated Medic & Philosopher (Triple 1st, Summa Cum Laude)

Coached/advised/developed 100,000+ Fortune 500 executives and 10,000+ individuals

Advanced training in relationship coaching, conflict mediation, systems thinking, mindfulness, breathwork +++


“Nick was great on air with concise pithy round-ups of the philosophy behind maintaining a healthy mind.”


Executive Producer, BBC Radio 1

Recent Book


“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg’s, North America

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Nick Jankel Short Bio

Nick Jankel is a groundbreaking theorist and master practitioner of transformation in life, love, and leadership. He inspires, empowers, and enables people to innovate, transform, and triumph to win in the complex, disrupted, and fast-changing world.

He has appeared in The Times and The Economist, had a column in the FT, and has been a master coach on two network TV shows. He has been interviewed on 100+ podcasts and network TV/radio shows (CBS, Coast 2 Coast, BBC News, Sky News) and featured in broadsheet and mainstream media outlets, from The Guardian to The Daily Mail.

Through his former transformational media start-up, which was based in London and LA, he developed the first multi-media and experiential wellbeing “festival” for the BBC, which toured cities and towns across the UK. He developed an online peer coaching platform and an offline peer coaching toolkit for the EU. He designed, delivered, and presented on-air happiness and wisdom experiences for Radio 1, hosting Kelly Osborne, Adele, and other artists to promote happiness and well-being. He collaborated with Shed Media to develop and host a TV show that was green-lit… until the sponsor pulled out due to their business crisis.

A highly experienced keynote speaker, media personality, and virtuoso performer at the top of his game, Nick provides audiences—live, virtual, and at home—with enlivening ideas, captivating experiences, and actionable insights that solve real pain points. Whether headlining at a conference, engaging a top leadership team, or working with everyday folk on the street or in their homes, he brings to life complex topics in profound, playful, and practical ways. He can meet people of all kinds, at all levels, and in all geographies where they are at… and then take them somewhere higher/deeper/better.

Through his work in transformational leadership and innovation for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, Nick has contributed to billions of dollars of inclusive growth through outsized value creation. He has inspired and enabled 100,000 leaders in organizations as diverse as Nike, Novartis, and No.10 to transform how they sense, feel, think, act, relate, and innovate and has led 100+ breakthrough innovation projects for firms like Microsoft, Unilever, and Disney (including catalyzing the most successful TV show of all time).

Nick—and self-made serial entrepreneur of five purpose-led enterprises—is a seasoned futurist, envisioning not just what the future might hold but what leaders must do to shape the future they want. He has advised 3x national governments, written 6x books, and lectured at Yale, UC Berkeley, London Business School, and Oxford.

“Nick is a major gear change!”


Director, BBC Radio

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