By Nick Jankel

Professional Global Keynote Speaker, Transformation & Innovation Catalyst, Leadership Theorist & Practitioner, 6 x Dyslexic Author, 3 x TV Coach, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

Anthropologists have been studying certain tribes that seem to have almost no incidents of violence, conflict or argument ever. One such tribe is the Semai in Malaysia. It appears that the tribe achieves this peaceful co-existence by actively teaching their children to abhor competition. In the West, however, we are actively encouraged to compete – it is the key to our sporting life, as well as that of all commerce and capitalism. Here competition is seen as key that unlocks the bank vault of success.

It is therefore hardly surprising that with such a focus on individual competition and individual ownership we have so much conflict in everyday life (just for an example, the US has by far the largest number of people in jail as a percentage of the population than any other country) and within our selves.

If we are not careful, inside our mind, ‘Me’, ‘Mine’ and ‘More’ thinking traps us in cycles of desire, consumption and debt – fuelling ever more frustration, sadness and depression. Perhaps part of the answer is to actively discourage competition between our children as they grow, and between us now that we are ‘grown up’.

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