By Nick Jankel

Professional Global Keynote Speaker, Transformation & Innovation Catalyst, Leadership Theorist & Practitioner, 6 x Dyslexic Author, 3 x TV Coach, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

We have highlighted some common challenges that users of Leadership and Changemaker Coaching Kits might encounter. Instead of answering each one in detail, and taking away your power in doing so, we have suggested a Breakthrough Question that might empower you to solve the problem yourself, using your innate wisdom and creative leadership potential. If that still doesn’t work, we suggest you have an really truthful and up-front chat with your buddy and see if you can both work out a way forward together – one that supports you both to learn, to succeed and to fulfill your commitment to coach each other for eight weeks. 

ChallengeBreakthrough Questions
I don’t understand what I have to doIf I was the smartest, most successful leadership coach on the planet, what would I do?

What are all the resources I have at my disposal that might be able to help me work it out (people, books, the Internet etc.) and which am I going to use first to find a solution?

My buddy is annoyed, angry or being difficultWhat could I do to really get them to realise that I care, that I have listened and that I am here to support them?

What could I say that would ease the situation and help them be the best version of themselves?

My buddy wants to quit

If I was the most passionate believer in the power of creative leadership what could I say to get them to realise what the benefits could be of them sticking with it?

What might my buddy be avoiding and how could I gently and sensitively help them confront it so that they learn and grow?

I want to quit

What might I be avoiding and how could I compassionately encourage myself to confront my worries so that I learn and grow?

What could I say to my buddy that could help them support me to be my best, even if I am not feeling very keen myself?

It’s taking too much timeIf I was the most efficient organiser and time manager in the world how could I ensure that I get the most out of coaching with the most ease?
My buddy doesn’t want to commitThinking about what really means the most to them, what could I say to my buddy that would help them see how rewarding it could be for them and therefore choose to get stuck in?
I’m not getting on with my buddy

What are the best things about them and how could the characteristics I don’t like actually benefit my growth and learning?

What is it about my buddy that most reminds me of myself and, if I was infinitely compassionate, how could I think about this foible that would help me understand it and forgive it?

I am worried about my buddyWith the most respect for their current situation and their potential to be a leader, what would be the most responsible thing to do for their safety and wellbeing?
Some of my colleagues don’t like me doing thisThinking about what really means the most to them, what could I say to people that would help them see all the long-term benefits of me achieving my potential?


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