How To Book A Keynote Speaker: 3 Reasons To Work With A (Trusted & Smart) Speaker Bureau Vs Go Direct To the Speaker

Booking a keynote speaker directly with the artist may seem like a good idea to save money and get what you want. But working with a reputable and trusted bureau—one that truly cares about the impact of the keynote and the relationships they have with their speakers and clients—will actually lead to better results. Here are three reasons why.

The Benefits & Limits Of Conventional Keynotes: Discover New Keynote Formats To Realize Your Biggest Ambitions

Keynote speaking formats are being innovated by the best speakers who are hungry to deliver more impact, more transformation, and more bang for the buck. This reflects the changing appetites of audiences who are just as hungry for events that transcend the conventional but also speaks to the realization by companies and conferences that a keynote speech can be pushed to new heights and deliver outsized ROI for the business (both impact and commercial value).

Overcome Boredom & Ignite Maximum Engagement: How To Book An Experiential Keynote For Your Event

Experiential and immersive keynotes are longer than the conventional 45 minutes because they use all manner of techniques to unleash energy, inspire participation, and maximize engagement. They are powerful weapons in the event producers armory but they can easily go very wrong if not designed from the start to be fit for purpose. Find out what makes them so special and how to get them right at your event.

Unlock Transformation & Traction At Your Event: How To Book An Interactive Keynote (With Workshop Elements)

Interative keynotes can blend the best of a high-impact keynote speech with the transformative power of a high-touch workshop. They are not appropriate for every event but, when the ambitions are big and bold, they can deliver far more concrete impact than any other keynote format. However, they cannot be delivered successfully using the same approach that conventional keynotes are booked through. Find out how to get the very most out of your event with an interactive keynote.