Leadership, Teamwork and/or Culture Program Briefing Form

If you seek a future-forging strategy or breakthrough innovation engagement, please get in touch with us for a different briefing form.

Please share your responses in a spirit of total confidentiality, mutual reciprocity, and shared trust.

  • Key Information

  • The Audience/Cohort

  • Diagnostic

    We design every program to meet a company's culture/context where it is at... and then elevate it. Please give us as much specificity and nuance as you can.
  • Desired Business & Team/Culture Breakthroughs

    We are a hybrid leadership+innovation consultancy and believe that leadership interventions/journeys can be leveraged to solve concrete business or team/culture problems—and vide versa. This section only needs to be filled in if this is an approach you would like to take.
  • Specific Content & Approaches

    This section will help us to select specific areas to include for your leaders from our comprehensive and coherent Self-to-System™ curriculum—and what types of interventions you think might be ideal our range of innovative developmental approaches. If this is all new to you, don't worry. We can propose.
  • Process, Alignment & Sign Off

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