The Peer-to-Peer
Leadership Coaching Kit

Develop your self-mastery, agility, creativity, impact, and resilience.

Enjoy great coaching—without the usual costs, limitations, and headaches.

“The first true breakthrough I have seen in coaching.”

SVP Unilever & Executive Coach

The Leadership Coaching Kit For Individuals

The ruthlessly changing world requires us to reach peak wisdom and warriorship—but few of us have access to high-quality and transformational executive coaching.

This is why we invented our very own disruptive innovation: our pioneering peer-powered Leadership Coaching Kit.

This 100% digital toolkit has been designed, tested, and improved over 15 years to be used by you to step up as a leader—whatever stage of your career you are at.

Use with a colleague, collaborator, or friend to get to the next level.

If you’re in HR or what to purchase this toolkit for your team(s), please take a look at our toolkit for enterprises page.

“A genuine opportunity to explore and resolve matters of leadership—as well as assess progress and motivation in an honest yet confidential environment.”

Leader, Fortune 100

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Peer-Powered Change—In A Plug & Play Pack

Use the 100% digital toolkit with a ‘buddy’—virtually, or in the same room, or a blend of the two.


Make change happen in your own space—and at your own pace.


Experience a powerful cocktail of life coaching, career coaching & leadership coaching.


All to help you make change happen in your life, career, and purpose-led projects.

Why Use The Leadership Coaching Kit?

Develop the wisdom of self-mastery & self-transformation

Break through the outdated habits that diminish you and others
Build more mental mastery & emotional intelligence
Achieve goals that matter to you

Be unbreakable & unshakeable. Build resilience & resourcefulness

Learn how to turn even the most difficult problems into possibilities for more personal growth & social impact
Actively build inner strength and a stronger support network
Empower those you collaborate with to step up

Transform tough organizational problems

Boost creative problem-solving
Unlock challenges with innovation
Future-proof your organization

“I am stunned at the changes and the speed of them.”


HR Director, NHS

The Leadership Toolkit Has Been Used By Leaders From

“Helped me understand and increase my own self-awareness of what I want and am interested in. It was really useful to me.”

Senior Manager, FTSE 100 Retailer

Proven By University Researchers & Users

Independent research study by Birmingham City University


Think the toolkit will have a long-term positive effect on their career


Have recommended
the toolkit to others


Are enjoying greater levels of success in their work lives because of the toolkit

“It taught me to ask the right questions and understand why we behave in the way we do. This helped both in self reflection and in leading my colleagues to succeed.”


Construction Industry Manager

The Benefits of Using the Leadership Coaching Kit

Benefit from a real and dynamic coaching relationship with a colleague or friend—with the toolkit transforming you both into coaches

Use with a colleague or friend for a brilliant ‘buddy’ coaching experience—users often tells us that their buddy has become a lifelong ally for accelerating self-mastery, growth, and change leadership

Easily access 6 sessions of transformational coaching—without the usual costs—in a ‘plug and play’ digital kit that can be completed in 3 months

Each session is packed full of the latest neuroscience of change and powerful tools for transformation—designed to fit in an easily doable period; and can be used on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet

Enjoy a simple yet smart and customized coaching journey that helps you achieve your career goals—and transform your challenges

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, the toolkit meets you wherever you are at—and supports you to get to the next level, whatever that means to you and your ‘buddy’

Harness our safe, supportive, and research-proven peer-coaching framework to change things fast

Unlike a self-help book, where you can avoid the most important bits, each coaching session uses powerful ‘Breakthrough Questions’ to gently challenge your comfort zones, break through old thinking, and elicit hidden insights and ideas

Get tangible results in weeks with our high-impact goal-achievement system that motivates change

Use cutting-edge psychology to access your deepest motivations to progress your most meaningful goals—and benefit from your ‘buddy’ acting as an accountability partner to ensure you nail them

Learn our brain-based methodology for transforming your toughest challenges—both now and in the tough times ahead

Learn how to use our methodology Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®—that fuses the latest neuroscience with timeless embodied wisdom—to break through obstacles from the inside out

Access the trade secrets that the world’s best coaches use to transform challenges and seize opportunities with maximum creativity and agility

Learn simplified and codified coaching techniques that boost your skills, confidence, and intuition so you can enjoy a transformational career

Become more resourceful and resilient with mindfulness and embodied wisdom practices

Explore transformational techniques that can decrease feelings of stress and overwhelm—and increase motivation and mindfulness

“Helped me understand and increase my own self-awareness of what I want and am interested in. It was really useful to me.”

Emerging Leader, Purpose-Driven Company

All For Just


“A number of people in my workplace were having problems in so I started using some of the tools and it made a real difference to them.”

Leader, Global Travel

How The Toolkit Compares To Conventional Coaching

One Session of
Professional Coaching

Sometimes Exceptional


Six Sessions of
Peer Coaching

Always Powerful


Download A Sample And Try It For Yourself

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“Truly inspirational. I found it thought-provoking and the questions posed were incredibly helpful.”

Project Lead for Coaching, National Health Service

How It Works

1. Pick a friend, collaborator, or colleague to do the peer-coaching with

2. Quickly read through the 1-page how it works section to orient yourselves

3. Start the first coaching session—which will take 90-120 mins

4. Work through the step-by-step transformational coaching process—having insights, ideas, and epiphanies along the way

5. Set transformation goals at the end of each session—and complete them with your buddy’s support

6. Experience mindfulness and embodiment practices that accelerate change

7.  Learn cutting-edge coaching techniques so you become a lifelong coach for others

8. Use the troubleshooting tips to resolve any issues that come up

“A genuine opportunity to explore and resolve matters of leadership—as well as assess progress and motivation in an honest yet confidential environment.”

Senior Leader

What You Get In Each Toolkit

72-page beautifully-illustrated toolkit

A proven and rigorous coaching methodology

6 transformational coaching sessions

12+ achievable transformation tasks

High-motivation goal-achievement system

18+ powerful yet simplified coaching techniques

The latest neuroscience of creativity & change

3+ embodied wisdom practices

Hacks for helping team members change

Insights for leading business change & innovation

16+ troubleshooting tips

The Topics Of The 6 Coaching Sessions

Session 1: Switch On To Transformational Coaching

Session 2: Switch On To Transforming Problems

Session 3: Switch On To A Transformation Mindset

Session 4: Switch On To Leadership Breakthroughs

Session 5: Switch On To Leadership Power

Session 6: Switch On To Leading Transformation

All for just