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Experiential, inspiring, and high-impact keynotes on transformational leadership that ensure organizations survive and thrive in the disrupted, digital, and complex VUCA world.

Nick Jankel—a highly experienced, sought-after, and truly professional speaker—inspires and invites audiences to step up and seize the moment to drive forward critical change and digital/business transformations—and introduces a proven, brain-based method for leading and landing transformation.

Forge the future. Don’t fail it.

Top Keynote Speaker On Transformational Leadership

Nick Jankel is a top 50 global professional keynote speaker who shares penetrating and inspiring insights into how to lead significant change, transformation, and innovation born from 25 years on the frontlines of disruptive innovation, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and transformational leadership.

Nick is a sought-after and accomplished keynote speaker and futurist who helps audiences make sense of and simplify complexity, understand what is coming and what is possible, and understand how they can metabolize unstoppable disruption into value-creating, customer-centric ideas, insights, and innovations.

Nick is an award-winning author of multiple books on transformation and leadership, has been a master transformation coach on two global TV shows, and is a thought leader who has spoken at the illustrious Aspen Ideas Festival, The Economist Innovation Summit (alongside Elon Musk), and at Talks@Google.

    “An inspiring and eye-opening keynote. So helpful to regain trust that even in an unpredictable world, we all can succeed by leading and changing ourselves.”


CEO, Spar

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“Inspiring and enlightening!”


SVP, Microsoft

Some Key Takeaways Of Nick’s
Keynotes On Transformational Leadership

Why the VUCA world makes it a necessity for every leader to take responsibility for upgrading their mindsets and accelerate their own journey of becoming a truly transformational leader

How a Self-to-System™ transformational leadership approach can take the turmoil out of transformation, blast through the inertia of innovation, and break through the barriers that block change

Proven and practical steps for leading lasting positive change, innovation, and business transformation successfully—by starting from the inside out

The importance of improving how leaders sense-make, decision-make, and prioritize effectively in intense radical uncertainty and complexity

Ways to strengthen the existing business model while having breakthroughs that unlock exponential value-creation and shape the future of the industry (before being disrupted by more nimble and creative competitors)

Why agility and velocity begin with emotional mastery and psychological safety so leaders flow and don’t freeze under pressure

“An absolutely remarkable speech. It was truly the most mind-blowing talk I’ve attended.”


Advanced Knowledge Consulting

About Top 50 Global Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel

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Nick Jankel is a sought-after, top 50 global keynote speaker on transformation, leadership, and innovation. He is a Cambridge-educated medic and a globally influential and internationally recognized thought leader, futurist, and advisor for ambitious organizations including Google, Intel, Smucker’s, Diageo, LEGO, Kellogg’s, Walgreens, Merck, and McCormick & Co.

Nick is the co-founder of Switch On Leadership, a purpose-led leadership consultancy working across the world to solve business problems generated by the disrupted, digital, and damaged reality. SOL supports ambitious and purpose-led leaders to break through their greatest strategic, team, cultural, and personal challenges with creative, customer-centric, self-authored, and transformative solutions.

Nick Jankel fuses cutting-edge brain, behavioral, and complexity science, timeless wisdom, and insights from the frontlines of business and societal disruption to help leaders—of all kinds and at all scales—to develop and deepen their wisdom and awareness. Through his global network TV shows, 6x books, talks, and workshops—from Los Angeles to Shanghai—he has touched the lives of over 5 million people.

Nick has since worked to coach and develop 100,000+ transformational leaders, solve seemingly intractable dysfunctions and conflictual dynamics in top teams, advise C-Suite execs and national governments on innovation and leadership (including No.10 and the heads of all UK ministries), and lecture at Yale, UC Berkeley, LBS, and Oxford. He has appeared in The Times, The Economist, and the Guardian and has been a master transformation coach on two global TV shows.

“Totally engaging and fully immersive, you wouldn’t want to miss a second of it. It was powerfully supercharged right from the start and Nick was both charismatic and passionate about his subject. This impact was uplifting and felt across the auditorium. It was massively educational and entertaining. Thank you.”


Team Leader,

What Makes Nick Different

Every talk is customized to the specific event, audience, culture, region, industry, and challenges/opportunities

An authentic and alive performance that can wow even the most jaded and tired ‘seen-it-all-before’ audiences

Not just motivational and inspirational but transformational—challenging audiences to switch on and step up

Sticky ideas and memes that shift mindsets—and drive change—long after the keynote has finished

Science-led ideas that engage analytical thinkers—like lawyers, engineers, technologists—in topics like creativity and purpose

Printable transformation tools that can help your audience to turn inspiration into concrete action

Practical ideas to simplify complexity, take the pain out of change, and blast through the barriers that block innovation

Provides added-value and suggestions that can maximize the impact and ROI of your event

Emotionally-captivating—using evocative stories, movement, music, experiences, interactivity, humor, and lashings of energy

Always delighted to do a pre-booking call to check fit—and send brief bullet points to aid internal decision-making

“Very relevant to LEGO’s values and purpose and highlighted the vital importance of creativity.”



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No.10 Downing Street




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Oxford University Press

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The Economist

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Green Building Council

Headmaster's Conference

“An inspirational speech about transformation. Both the content and the delivery were really strong: relevant, clear, concise, and powerful. I highly recommend Nick as a speaker.


Rothschild & Co.


“A WONDERFUL job. People found his talk so inspiring. Someone I work with said, “I feel seen this morning.” The talk was motivating, thoughtful, and so well delivered.”


McCormick & Co.

“Astonishing and remarkable! His subject was delivered brilliantly—but his ease, way of standing, moving, speaking, and finding perfect examples were outstanding!”


Senior Advisor,
US State Dept.

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