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Experiential, inspiring, and high-impact keynotes on breakthrough innovation & innovation leadership—ensuring control and creativity are in the right sequence and used for the right reasons to unlock breakthroughs in products, services, processes, people, and business models.

Nick Jankel—a highly experienced, sought-after, and truly professional speaker—inspires and invites audiences to ensure that exponential technologies—both digital & biological—are at the heart of all future-forward products, services & business models while also leveraging the tech with purpose, ethics, and sustainability baked in from the start.

Forge the future. Don’t fail it.

Top Keynote Speaker On Breakthrough Innovation & Innovation Leadership

Nick Jankel is a top 50 global professional keynote speaker who shares penetrating and inspiring insights into how to lead significant change, transformation, and innovation born from 25 years on the frontlines of disruptive innovation, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and transformational leadership.

Nick is a sought-after and accomplished keynote speaker and futurist who helps audiences make sense of and simplify complexity, understand what is coming and what is possible, and understand how they can metabolize unstoppable disruption into value-creating, customer-centric ideas, insights, and innovations.

Nick is an award-winning author of multiple books on transformation and leadership, has been a master transformation coach on two global TV shows, and is a thought leader who has spoken at the illustrious Aspen Ideas Festival, The Economist Innovation Summit (alongside Elon Musk), and at Talks@Google.

    “Very relevant to LEGO’s values and purpose and highlighted the importance of creativity within the working environment.”



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It is estimated that over 50% of today’s S&P companies will be replaced in the next decade. Additionally, 40% of global CEOs express concerns about the economic viability of their businesses in the next 10 years, citing disruption by more nimble, digital, and innovative competitors. I have had the privilege of designing and leading over a hundred breakthrough innovation programs for world-class companies such as Unilever, Virgin, and Diageo. These initiatives include projects that contributed to the creation of the most successful TV show in history and the invention of mobile apps three years before Apple’s app store was established.

In my extensive experience, I have witnessed the harsh reality that most innovation projects fail not due to a lack of resources, technologies, or talent, but rather because of a deficiency in effective breakthrough processes, mindsets, and cultures. Smartness, sharpness, and a strong desire to be right often impede even the most senior executives from surfacing and challenging assumptions critical to their business model, ultimately leading to corporate demise.

In the realm of innovation programs, there tends to be an imbalance with too much command and control and too little genuine creativity and customer insight. The limited creativity present is often misplaced or confined to brainstorming sessions that rarely yield breakthroughs. Over the span of 20 years and with the support of my colleagues, I have evolved a highly sophisticated process to ensure that control and creativity are sequenced and placed appropriately, unlocking breakthroughs in products, services, processes, people dynamics, and business models.

When you provide me with your brief, I commit to working tirelessly to amplify your messages and elevate your ambitions. Remaining independent as a thought leader, challenger, and aspirer, each of my keynotes is meticulously customized to meet and exceed expectations, connecting with specific audiences to unleash energy, momentum, inspiration, and traction.

During my keynotes, I share insights on what breakthrough innovation truly is, how it works, and how to execute it correctly, preventing the wastage of precious resources and the goodwill of employees and shareholders alike. I guide on strategically leveraging future-forward customer insights, tapping into the energy and creativity of your employees to deliver strategic and outsized value creation.

“Inspiring and enlightening!”


SVP, Microsoft

Some Key Takeaways Of Nick’s
Keynotes On Breakthrough Innovation & Innovation Leadership

What breakthrough innovation is, how it works, and how to do it right, avoid wasting pressured resources and the precious goodwill of employees and shareholders alike

How to strategically leverage future-forward customer insights and the energy and creativity of employees to deliver strategic and outsized value creation

How to help even the most senior execs surface and challenge their own assumptions, even though it is painful and difficult to do

What the typical killers and unlockers of strategic innovation are how to leverage this insight to maximize chances of success

How and where to put tech to work solving the greatest challenges of our age and how to ensure innovation efforts unlock a better future for us all

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“An absolutely remarkable speech. It was truly the most mind-blowing talk I’ve attended.”


Advanced Knowledge Consulting

About Top 50 Global Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel

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Nick Jankel is a groundbreaking theorist and master practitioner of transformational leadership and transformative (i.e., breakthrough) innovation: the two most powerful technologies humankind has ever created to master change and survive and thrive in periods of turbulence. He encourages, empowers, and enables people to imagine, innovate, transform, and triumph in the face of adversity and complexity—so they win in the disrupted world. A seasoned futurist advising national governments and challenger brands, Nick helps people glimpse not just what the future might hold but what they must do to design the destiny they desire.

A highly experienced professional keynote speaker and virtuoso performer at the top of his game, Nick is booked by companies, conferences, institutions, and nations—e.g., LEGO, Rothschild, Intel, Abu Dhabi, Oxford University, and Neom—who want an unprecedented ROI on their event. He delivers dynamic, deeply researched, and exquisitely customized keynotes that wow, entertain, and transport audiences. He engages people in mission-critical topics in profound, playful, yet practical ways, providing actionable insights that help them visualize a brighter future while solving intense pain points in the present. Whether headlining at a conference or influencing a top 50-500 leadership event, Nick moves attendees to reimagine, reinvent, and renew so they rise to their next challenge with more passion, wisdom, and courage than ever.

Nick, a renowned thought leader with degrees in medicine and philosophy (Cambridge, UCL), has spent 30 years cracking the code of transformation. He has developed his own original theory (Bio-Transformation®) and robust method and curriculum (Self-to-System™) for driving individual, organizational, and systemic change as fast as humanly possible. His ideas, tools, and practices can reliably transform outdated yet resistant behaviors and mindsets that thwart the best intentions and block future-proofing change, innovation, and business transformation. Nick brings life to thought leadership and thought leadership to life.

Nick has contributed to billions of dollars of inclusive growth and outsized value creation through his world-class work in leadership and breakthrough innovation for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. He has helped 100,000 leaders in organizations as diverse as Nike, Novartis, HSBC, and No.10 to transform how they sense, feel, think, act, relate, communicate, and collaborate and has led 100+ breakthrough innovation projects for firms like Microsoft, Unilever, Virgin, and Disney (including catalyzing the most successful TV show of all time).

A serial, self-funded entrepreneur of five purpose-led enterprises, Nick has written six books, lectured at Yale, UC Berkeley, and Oxford, appeared in The Times and The Economist, written a column in the FT, been invited to Talks@Google and Aspen Ideas Festival, and starred as a transformation coach on two hit global TV shows.

“As an innovation & leadership guru, his ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”


Former Advisor to President Obama and Head of White House Office of Social Innovation

What Makes Nick Different

Receive A Fully Customized Keynote

Crafted talks—never repeated—to fit and propel your specific event, audience, culture, region, and industry

Guaranteed Wow Factor

Authentic and alive performances that blow away even the most jaded audiences and tired attendees

Truly Transformative Speaking

Drawing in and galvanizing audiences—of even the most senior figures—to engage, reflect, rethink, and contribute

Unleash Sticky Memes That Spread

Playful, transmissible, and viral-ready memes that generate excited conversations, shift mindsets, and drive change after

Hyper-Engaging & Memorable Moments

Emotionally captivating and immersive experiences leveraging evocative stories, exquisite stagecraft, powerful presence, interactivity, humor, and high levels of energy

Offer Takeaway Transformation Tools

Printable transformation tools that can help your audience to turn inspiration into concrete action

Engage With Evidence-Based Ideas

Science-led thought leadership to engage skeptics in topics like creativity, trust, innovation, and purpose

Attitude of Service To You

Added-value contributions—before, during, and after the event—to maximize your ROI (impact & commercial value)

Actionable Tips That Solve Real Pain Point

Practical techniques to simplify complexity, take the pain out of change, inspire collaboration, and blast through the barriers that block innovation

Proven Process & World-Class Facilitation Skills

Deep design and facilitation skills optimized over 27+ years at the highest levels of industry and government

Total Commitment To Excellence

Nick does everything in his power to deliver on the brief, putting his career and reputation on the line every time

Consummate Professional To Reduce Stress

Extraordinarily meticulous delivery process learning from 1000s of keynotes and 100s of workshops—from FAQs pack with intro bios and sample Q&A questions to a guaranteed on-time finish—to minimize production stress

“A fantastic speaker with passion and enthusiasm, highly engaging and able to simplify complexity.”


Commander, UK Ministry of Defence

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Keynotes On Breakthrough Innovation & Innovation Leadership







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Yale Management School


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SONY PlayStation


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CHRO Summit






Oxford University Press

Sir Robert McAlpine


Professional BusinessWomen of California


London Business School


The Economist

The European Commission

Aspen Ideas Festival




Green Building Council

Headmaster's Conference

“You’ll never discover new lands, unless you can leave sight of the shore. Nick acts as both a compass and a Gale Force 9 wind!”


Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco PLC

“A superb talk. It has started us on the journey of cultural change.”


CEO, Novartis

“Astonishing and remarkable! His subject was delivered brilliantly—but his ease, way of standing, moving, speaking, and finding perfect examples were outstanding!”


Senior Advisor,
US State Dept.

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