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Change mindsets, galvanize new behaviors, and ignite concrete actions that solve real business world problems and improve tangible employee experiences

What Makes Nick Jankel Different

With 25 years of experience, leadership expert and master speaker Nick Jankel helps to unlock memorable events that forge authentic connections, unleash value-generating creativity, spark deep conversation, provoke thoughtful questions, challenge existing mindsets (with care), and enact real change.

Nick never gives the same keynote twice. He delivers fully customized keynotes that elevate your event ambitions, galvanize your specific audience type, and deliver actionable insights and takeaway tools.

About Nick Jankel: Transformation & Leadership Keynote Speaker

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Nick Jankel is a Cambridge-educated, globally influential, and internationally recognized thought leader, futurist, and keynote speaker for organizations including Google, Intel, Smuckers, Diageo, LEGO, Kellogg’s, Walgreens, Merck, and McCormick.

Nick is a sought-after and highly experienced professional keynote speaker at the top of his game for effective leaders. He speaks on how leadership, transformation, and innovation can shape the future of the increasingly complex, disrupted, and digital world.

Nick has lectured at Yale, UC Berkeley, and Oxford, has appeared in The Times, The Economist, and at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and has been a master coach on two network TV shows.

Nick is the innovator and leader of some of the world’s foremost leadership and innovation programs.

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Some Key Benefits Of Nick Jankel’s Keynotes

Elevate Your Event Ambitions

Every talk is customized to your specific audience, culture, region, and industry—and designed to elevate your ambitions for your event

Inspiring & Transformative Experiences

Not just motivational and inspirational but transformational—challenging audiences to switch on and step up together in the shared moment that only events provide.

Scientific Ideas & Wise Insights

Science-led ideas that engage analytical thinkers—professionals, engineers, and technologists—in topics like creativity, purpose, sustainability, and teamwork.

Practical Tools & Techniques

Practical techniques to simplify complexity, take the pain out of change, and blast through the barriers that block innovation.

Emotive & Evocative Delivery

Emotionally-captivating—using evocative stories, movement, music, experiences, interactivity, humor, and lashings of energy to inspire audiences.

Authentic & Electric Performance

An authentic and alive performance that can wow even the most jaded and tired ‘seen-it-all-before’ audiences.

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Testimonials for Nick Jankel: Leadership Keynote Speaker

“Without doubt the highlight of the two days. Thought-provoking; insightful; enjoyable.”

Manager, Centrica

“Very inspiring. Nick’s insights resonated very much and are already growing seeds of change.”

COO, Sanofi

“Inspiring, entertaining and a wake up call for every leader to become a truly transformational today: for a better tomorrow!”

Head of Marketing, EMEA, Alfa Laval

“Absolutely remarkable speech. It was truly the most mindblowing one I’ve attended in quite some time.”

Marketing Manager, Global Tech Conference

“Lots of food for thought. The synthesis of biomedical research with business case studies was compelling and called to mind the most inspirational classes from my time at Stanford Graduate School of Business.”

General Counsel, LGC

“I really enjoyed his keynote. Lots of insights to share with my leadership team. Thank you!

CEO, Unilever Health & Wellbeing Collective

“As a finance professional, it has been a revelation about how to navigate the new normal in the VUCA world. We have in us the key to adapt—let’s unlock it.”

Senior Manager, EY

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Oxford University Press

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Professional BusinessWomen of California


London Business School


The Economist

The European Commission

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Green Building Council

Headmaster’s Conference

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