Inspirational and insightful keynotes what the future of leadership might look like and how leaders need to develop themselves in order to forge the future they want to see and, in doing so, future-proof their organizations—from internationally-recognized keynote speaker and leadership futurist Nick Jankel.

“A standing ovation! I am already sharing the insights with my leadership team. Thank you!”


CEO, Unilever Health & Wellbeing Division

The Future of Leadership

“An inspiring and eye- opening keynote. So helpful to regain trust that even in an unpredictable and rapidly-changing world, we all can succeed by changing ourselves.”


CEO, Spar

Motivational & Inspirational Keynotes on The Future of Leadership

Drivers of Change

Understand the drivers of change that are challenging every leader and people manager to switch on and step up and—and why so many leaders are out-matched by the intense complexities of there VUCA world

Sense-Making In Complexity

Learn a futures framework that can help leaders rapidly make-sense of the complexity and challenges facing all—and move towards strategies that mitigate the risks and unlock the opportunities for exponential growth and lasting impact

Future-Fit Mindset Upgrades

Understand not just what the future hold for leaders, but how they may need to change, transform, and develop their internal Operating System rapidly in order to stay match-fit with the VUCA world

Moving From Smarts To Wisdom

Why leaders do not need to be the smartest in the room but definitely the wisest—able to bring people with them on the difficult journey of change and transformation through trusted relationships, ethical influencing, and compelling storytelling,

The Blockers & Unlockers of Future-Positive Leadership

Discover a proven pathway for leading adaptation, innovation, and transformation to be future-positive, the many pitfalls and perils on the path, and key tools and practices that leaders can use to lead the change

Expanding The Consciousness & Capabilities of Leaders

Explore the five stages of development as a truly transformational leader—and how to accelerate growth and maturity in order to master the leadership of innovation, business transformation, and regeneration

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Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel

Nick Jankel is an influential and internationally-recognized thought leader on how leadership, technology, innovation, and purpose are transforming the future of business and society—in an increasingly complex, digital, and disrupted world.

Nick is a dedicated, sought-after, and highly-experienced professional keynote speaker renowned for his enlivening, incisive, and actionable talks at the intersection of technology, transformation, and commercial realities. In a speaking career spanning over twenty years—in which he has crafted a unique fusion of exhilarating ideas, evocative stories, and an energizing stage presence—he has delivered keynotes for orgs like Google, Pfizer, LEGO, Tesco, Kellogg’s, NHS, Schroder’s, WWF, and CHRO Summit. Nick motivates, inspires, and transforms senior leaders, people managers, and diverse conference audiences—across the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific—with powerful, moving, and interactive keynotes.

“Nick transformed our event with an engaging and evocative talk that hit all the nails that we put out there. It set a perfect scene for the remainder!”


Head of Marketing EMEA, Syngenta

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