Keynotes On Artificial Intelligence & Leadership

Keynotes on AI in innovation and leadership—and the creative and ethical uses of digital technologies.

Understand unprecedented AI-enabled exponential growth opportunities and productivity hacks.

Uncover unparalleled AI-driven business challenges and societal dangers.

“A fantastic speaker with passion and enthusiasm, highly engaging and able to simplify complexity.”

Commander, UK Ministry of Defence

Nick Jankel: Keynote Speaker on AI,
Innovation & Leadership

Nick Jankel has been at the forefront of technology-enabled innovation since 1999, when he founded a global innovation agency and accelerator.

Nick has been a thought leader tracking the development of, and speaking about, AI for over 15 years. He has been leveraging AI in his own business for years, currently in ‘stealth mode’ on an AI-enabled leadership development platform.

Nick has appeared on BBC about AI—and his ideas have been picked up by journalists at major news outlets.

As an innovation guru, Nick Jankel has worked with scores of Fortune 500 companies on digital disruption and driving purpose-driven digital transformation.

As a leadership expert, Nick Jankel has worked with 100,000 leaders on how to use digital technologies in creative yet ethical ways.

Nick Jankel: Unique Keynotes on AI, Innovation & Leadership

Become instantly more comfortable and confident talking about AI by understanding—in the most simple non-techie way—how the technology works and the key concepts
Discover stunning Generative AI services that can be used immediately to deliver value, drive efficiencies, and unlock creativity
Get ahead of the curve by understanding some of the unprecedented opportunities for long-term positive impact, breakthrough innovation, and exponential value-creation
Be empowered to play a role in the GenAI revolution with 7 concrete steps to unlock its potential in smart and safe ways
Proactively mitigate the risks by becoming aware of the dangers to organizations and societies that are causing even the inventors to become worried
Open minds with an inclusive and accessible guide as he helps your audience navigate their way through the complexities and possibilities

Nick’s Keynote Speaker Showreel

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Keynotes On Generative AI

About Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel

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Nick Jankel is an influential and internationally-recognized thought leader on how leadership, technology, innovation, and purpose are transforming the future of business and society—in an increasingly complex, digital, and disrupted world.

Nick is a dedicated, sought-after, and highly-experienced professional keynote speaker renowned for his enlivening, incisive, and actionable talks at the intersection of technology, transformation, and commercial realities. In a speaking career spanning over twenty years—in which he has crafted a unique fusion of exhilarating ideas, evocative stories, and an energizing stage presence—he has delivered keynotes for orgs like Google, Pfizer, LEGO, Tesco, Kellogg’s, NHS, Schroder’s, WWF, and CHRO Summit. Nick motivates, inspires, and transforms senior leaders, people managers, and diverse conference audiences—across the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific—with powerful, moving, and interactive keynotes.

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