Future-Forging Growth Strategies

We support ambitious and visionary leaders to develop creative, customer-centric, and human-scale strategies that break through the blockages to realizing a bold vision and/or breakthrough innovation—and that aim to forge the future of your organization and industry.

We design and facilitate co-creative processes that harness the systemic and customer insights, ideas, and intelligence of your leaders, people managers, and frontline workers to diagnose obstacles, design inventive solution pathways, and communicate inspiring, engaging, and grounded strategies that focus the entire organization on what is needed to win.

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Co-Design Winning Strategies

A successful strategy development process should harness collective intelligence and creative thinking to challenge outdated assumptions rather than reinforce them—as most strategy development processes do—otherwise underperformance, repeated fails, strategy-reality mismatches, and eventually corporate death all occur.

We believe that radical complexity and extreme uncertainty mean that cognitive smarts and past successes are no longer enough for a winning strategy that forges the future.

Therefore, we provide leaders with the collective intelligence tools, sensemaking frames, practices, processes, facilitation, guidance, coaching, and (elegant) cajoling that is needed to push an organization or business unit toward a winning strategy that triumphs over unprecedented complexity and strong headwinds.

Invent A Critical Pathway To Success Not A Series Goals & Actions

A winning strategy should be a company- and context-specific pathway to achieve a vision—designed from the start to break through all and any barriers—and should never be confused with mission, vision, goals, KPIs, values, or purpose (although it should embed and inform all of these)

Leverage Technology & Regenerativity For Exponential Value Creation & Sustainable Impact

A winning strategy should capitalize on digital and synthetic technologies that create and capture outsized value—driving top-line growth rather than relying on operational efficiencies and marginal gains to Business-As-Usual—yet should integrate planetary and human limits to growth and extraction

Design Original Strategies That Are Owned & Enacted By Your Leaders

A winning strategy should be authored and executed by the leaders of the organization—who have the agency, ownership, and influence to deliver it— and never be outsourced to smart consultants who are not accountable, responsible, or committed enough to deliver it

Harness All Your Data, Collective Intelligence, Customer & Market Insight, Foresight & Future Thinking

A winning strategy should find and metabolize deep insights from future scenarios (scenario planning), big data, trend spotting, anticipatory market research, and major drivers of societal change to both fit and forge the future of your industry and ecosystem

Galvanize The Full Innovation Potential, Collective Intelligence & Purpose Of Your People

A winning strategy requires a fundamentally creative and bold act—at once imaginative yet grounded, creative yet concrete—and requires the full ingenuity, insight, and care of your people to envision a better way forward (whilst managing chaos and incoherence)

Include All Functions & Stakeholders With A Smart & Wise Process That Unlocks Engagement & Excitement

The development of a winning strategy is a rare opportunity to engage and include as many as possible in the future of the organization—and which can realize the full potential of the capabilities, qualities, and character of your people

Make Sense Of Complexity, Embrace Uncertainty & Resolve Paradoxes Before Landing On The Solution

A winning strategy should seek to engage with radical complexity rather than deny it or over-simplify it by thin-slicing—which means avoiding biases, groupthink, and wishful thinking that obscure and distort—which requires the use of multiple sensemaking lenses, deep dialogue, and coherence-making

Simplify Into A Compelling Story With Sticky Memes & Coherent Bold Moves

A winning strategy requires the translation of rigorous thinking into a coherent and compelling narrative that meets people where they are at and takes them higher—and should be transmitted through accessible bite-size chunks that invite the focus scant attention and resources onto what is going to make a difference

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