Frequently Asked Questions

What is Switch On?

Switch On is a global personal development and leadership development company (and community) focused on unleashing the power of transformation into lives, love, leadership, and organizations.

What do you actually do?

We create and deliver keynotes, workshops, coaching training program, and open mastery programs. We support people with one-to-one executive coaching and healing sessions. We write and publish books and coaching kits that products that enlighten, empower and enable people. We have worked on events, experiences, TV shows, films, apps, and digital software.

Why do you do it?

We believe that the crises we face as individuals, organizations, are utterly avoidable if everyone had access to the treasure-trove of wisdom, wellbeing and world-change tools and techniques that is the birthright of all of us. Because of our own life experiences, ranging from clinical depression and extreme bullying to chronic pain and childhood divorce, we went searching for scientific insights, ideas, and inspiration to crack the code of transformation.

How do I get involved

Sign up for our newsletter in the footer. Explore our books and coaching kits. Come on one of our open programs!

Where are you based?

We are a global company with contributors living and working everywhere from Beijing to New York, Sydney to Berlin. Our HQ is currently in the UK and we work extensively in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Are you religious?

Not at all. But we do promote the life-changing experience of feeling connected to ourselves, others, and the world we are part of. Aside from this alive experience of our connection and interdependence available to us all, there is no dogma in Switch On. In fact, part of our purpose it to provide people with insights from all the wisdom traditions, embodiments practices, and  transformational tools.

Are you a cult?

Ha ha. Whilst we feel ourselves part of the global movement of awakening, social change, and sustainability, rest assured, we won’t ask you to sign away your house, wear weird clothes, wash our feet, or call us Bob. Unless you want to of course.

Why do you operate as a company?

Having run non-profits, community projects, and private companies, we fundamentally believe we can achieve our mission and unfold our purpose most effectively if we are structured as a corporation. In fact, we originally started working on this project as a charity. But we soon ran out of money, as funders don’t tend to understand, let alone value, coaching, empowerment, and transformation programs.  However, we run ourselves as a social enterprise.

Who owns the company?

We are a wife-and-husband team. One hails from Britain, one from the USA. We also have a team of awesome advisors who keep us inspired, challenged, and on the straight-and-narrow.

Why do you work with corporations?

Firstly, corporations are full of everyday people who deserve to have access to the very best wisdom, wellbeing, and world-change tools and experiences. Secondly, by working with leaders in powerful organizations, we have the potential to transform the system from within for more equality, justice, and sustainability.  What does ‘thriving’ mean to you?

Do you solve mental or physical illnesses?

We are an education company. Whilst we are committed to creating content and experiences that enlighten, empower, and enable human development, we are not licensed medical practitioners or clinical psychologists (and don’t want to be). If you are at all worried about your mental or physical health, we urge you to consult with a certified medical professional as soon as possible.

I have a problem with a product or the site. What do I do?

Any problems with any product or service please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.