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A trailblazing program to forge exponential entrepreneurs who can lead and land disruptive innovations from within sustainable, scalable and purpose-driven enterprises

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The fast and furiously changing world is opening up enormous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for entrepreneurs who can see and create the future through their energy, power and will. The perfect heatwave of opportunities are driven by:

     4th Industrial Revolution technologies like automation, blockchain, 3D printing, IoT, and AI
     Global risks like climate change, political unrest, inequality, resource conflicts, and stress
    Massively changing customer, employee, and citizen needs and demands

Our Exponential Entrepreneurs Program ensures participants have the tools and thinking they need to seize such opportunities to create unprecedented value and impact – whilst they build the capabilities they need to lead themselves and others to expand exponentially

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“This program has been the most significant thing I have ever done professionally. It has challenged, inspired, thought-provoked and even scared me more than anything I have ever done before.”

Exponential Entrepreneur

Find and leverage leadership and enterprise purpose to grow at maximum velocity - playing your part in recalibrating capitalism towards a more networked and regenerative economy

Unlock mindset and behavior upgrades in your team to boost creativity, collaboration, confidence, courage, hustle, empowerment and ownership - and how to boost your empathy, listening and coaching skills to reduce complaining, friction, and stress

Develop the confidence, resilience, influencing power and storytelling skills you need to get to the next level and over the next hump - so you can challenge the status quo of your sector in effective, inspiring and purposeful ways

Learn how to lead your team and partners to execute an adaptive strategy that can respond in real-time to rapid changes in the external and internal environment - striving for constant excellence without burning your team out

“Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. As an innovation & leadership guru, his ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”

Founder Ethos Water & Former Head of White House Office of Innovation

Our Ground-Breaking Disruptive Innovation & Business Model Design Process

Journey across the Breakthrough Curve - the archetypal blueprint of disruptive innovations - in a rigorous and rapid way to consciously lead and land major business breakthroughs whether in start-up or scale-up mode.

We guide existing and new entrepreneurs to use disruptive innovation thinking to solve emerging customer problems - and support them to land them with business and delivery models that can scale rapidly. We ensure teams are inspired to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with their enterprises - as well as solve problems that matter in the systems they care about.
By the time leaders finish the program, they are ready to pitch their transformative solutions to engage potential funders, backers, contributors and collaborators (internally and externally) to go to the next level.

“Hugely well informed and provide amazing insight in a simple, elegant and engaging style that everyone hugely enjoyed. I consider them genuine thought leaders in their field.”

Chief Executive, Scottish Institute for Enterprise

Next-Level Leadership Acceleration

Participants reflect and enquire together in supportive Leadership Circles to fast-track their development as connected and creative Exponential Entrepreneurs.

Innovation processes and tools, no matter how brilliant, are never enough to land major change. Leaders need to become agile, responsive, adaptable, confident and courageous to land the true power of transformation.
We select elements from our extensive world-class curriculum participants and delivery partner. We usually include tools and practices to: find and leverage individual purpose and vision; develop disruptive innovations; harness amazing storytelling scripts and tips; master self-confidence, motivation and momentum in the face of resistance; and lead partners and customers to change.

A World-Class Brain-Based Leadership Curriculum

The Exponential Entrepreneurs Program harnesses insights from the latest brain science - integrated with timeless connection-based wisdom - to master how to create, build and scale bold business ideas that can go exponential.

We explore how major advances in neurobiology, behavioral sciences, complexity science, design and innovation management and anthropology provide new ways to think about, and activate entrepreneurial growth in an ethical way.

Purposeful Leadership

Leading in Complexity & Chaos
Leadership Purpose
Business & Enterprise Purpose
Leadership in Challenging Times
Making Ethical Decisions
Moral Intelligence

Conscious Leadership

Leading Personal Transformation
Resilience & The Leadership Edge
Mastering Emotions, Energy & Time
Leadership Presence
Self-Care, Wellbeing & Thriving
Emotional & Embodied Intelligence

Systemic Leadership

Leading Ecosystems
Sense-Making & Customer Insights
Systemic Change
Futures & Scenarios
Holding Space
Empathic Intelligence

Creative Leadership

Leading Breakthrough Innovations & Emergent Strategies
Designing Exponential Business & Delivery Models
Innovation & Fail-Forward Cultures
Sustainable Innovation
The Entrepreneurial Mindset
Leading For Pace, Urgency and Velocity
Creative Intelligence

Inspirational Leadership

Leading Through Influence
Story Design & Storytelling
Crafting & Communicating Vision
Intentionality & Inspiration
Activating Networks
Social Intelligence

Collaborative Leadership

Leading Exponential Teams
Partnering & Open Innovation
Designing & Empowering Teams
Motivation & Incentivization
Inspiring Communication
Conflict Transformation
Collaborative Intelligence

Our Pioneering Peer-Powered Leadership Coaching Toolkit

 A powerful addition to each program is peer-to-peer coaching using our pioneering Leadership System - an experience most participants value enormously.

The 6 sessions of coaching within each of our 'plug and play', tablet-based toolkits develop conscious, creative and collaborative behaviors - and empowered, emotionally-intelligent mindsets.
Program participants not only get leadership coaching and learn to coach others - but they build a deep connection with a new peer to support accelerated growth and development for life.

“Both fabulous and stirring. Lots of revelations in profound ways.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Design & Marketing Agency

Alumni Network of Exponential Entrepreneurs

The program fosters a participant-led network to keep driving breakthrough innovations into the future so our world thrives.

We know how hard it is to find like-minded entrepreneurs for continued leadership development, innovation amplification and peer-powered review. The program acts to forge a self-organizing network of mutual support and common purpose to help get over every entrepreneurial hump.
We encourage alumni to schedule talks, leadership development sessions, networking events and social meet-ups help foster an active community that can drive collaborative change.

70+ Teachable Transformation Tools For Fast-Growth Entrepreneurship

The program includes a customized selection of our 70+ Switch On Engines: Codified tools and techniques that have taken 20 years to develop.

Participants have a lifetime license on these continuously updated and refined engines - so they can deliver breakthrough after breakthrough once the program is completed

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