Public Speaking, Keynote Speaking & Storytelling Coaching

with Master Transformational Coach Nick Jankel

Get to the next level of inspiration and influence as an ambitious leader and/or professional speaker

Design the ideal positioning and proposition for you as a speaker—whether in-house or going pro—that fits your unique journey and ideas

Creatively and consciously develop a narrative of insight, immersion, and ignition that fits your expertise and what people really need

Master how to not just educate and motivate but inspire and even transform an audience using your words, voice, ideas, brand assets, and embodiment on stage

Transform the beliefs, behaviors, and emotional states getting in the way of your confidence, capabilities, and coherence as a speaker

Develop a business model and operating model that delivers maximum value with minimum stress

“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg’s North America

Speaker Coaching For

Crafting & Embodying A Transformational Vision
Transformational Storytelling For Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Innovators
Attracting Investment & Sponsorship With Story-Crafting
Overcoming Fears & Failures Around Public Speaking
Finding Your Authentic Voice
Ethical Persuasion, Negotiation & Influencing Techniques
Reading the Room & Shifting the Room
Speaking To Different Audience Types
Audience Connection, Attunement & Rapport Building
Developing A Fully Embodied Stage Presence
Being Energizing & Inspirational
Code-Switching Between Different Cultures & Types of People
AI-Driven Tools For Storytelling & Copywriting
How Speaker Bureaus Work
Pricing, Pitching & Marketing Materials

“Nick is both a compass and a gale force 9 wind.”


Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco

See Me In Action: My Keynote Speaking Showreel

“A standing ovation! I am already sharing the insights with my leadership team. Thank you!”


CEO in Unilever Health & Wellbeing Division

Rapidly Develop 8 Key Skills Of Public Speaking & Storytelling

Be fully present with, and confident around, different types of audiences—building resonance and rapport quickly with sensitivity, groundedness, and trust

Speak with a clear, congruent, and authentic voice—adjusting quickly when showing up with confusion, incongruence, or inauthenticity

Evoke enthusiasm, passion, energy, receptivity, joy, and enlivenment in diverse audiences—using your own presence and voice to switch on others to what is possible

Embody executive presence, dignity, and gravitas—even in highly-charged, political, and stressful environments

Use engaging personal and organizational stories to connect with, and elevate, an audience—balancing rawness with strength

Design and craft powerful stories of change and transformation that are emotionally compelling, rationally coherent, and drive focused action

Leverage storytelling to attract resources, investment, and sponsorship—and ensure diverse audiences understand where they can best contribute for the greatest impact

Adjust narrative structure and style to reach different audiences whilst maintaining coherence—switching codes, metaphors, and frames to capture diverse hearts and minds

    “Nick uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. As a leadership and transformation guru, his ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”


Special Advisor, President Obama

Transformational Executive Coaching Experience

“Both fabulous and stirring. Lots of revelations in profound ways. Unblocked my relationship with my co-founder.”


Conscious Entrepreneur

Master Coach & Global Keynote Speaker
Nick Jankel M.A. (Cantab.), FRSA

Nick is a sought-after and highly-regarded transformational executive coach who has worked with over 100,000 leaders at organizations like HSBC, Boots Walgreens Alliance, Unilever, Diageo, Google, Nike, Merck, Wal-Mart, Vodafone, Microsoft, Intel, and Zalando. As an internationally renowned coach, Nick was selected by the BBC to host his own global TV series, which has reached over 3 million viewers worldwide.

A highly experienced professional keynote speaker and virtuoso performer at the top of his game, Nick is booked by companies, conferences, associations, institutions, and nations—think LEGO, Rothschild & Co, Intel, Abu Dhabi, Pfizer, Oxford University, and Neom—who want an unprecedented ROI on their event. He delivers dynamic, deeply researched, and exquisitely customized keynotes that wow, entertain, and transport audiences.

Nick, a renowned thought leader with degrees in medicine and philosophy (Cambridge, UCL), has spent 30 years cracking the code of transformation. He has developed his own original theory (Bio-Transformation) and robust method and curriculum (Self-to-System) for driving individual, organizational, and systemic change as fast as humanly possible. His ideas, tools, and practices can reliably transform outdated yet resistant behaviors and mindsets that thwart the best intentions and block future-proofing change, innovation, and business transformation. Nick brings life to thought leadership and thought leadership to life.

“I left like I’d just been called to serve in the army. Motivated, inspired, provoked, and challenged.”


Global Team Leader, Bank

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