Executive Coaching

Transformational and embodied coaching for executives and leaders that want major power and performance upgrades—rooted in passion and purpose—to lead the change you want to see (with less overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-sabotage)…

Executive & C-Suite Coaching

Nick Jankel Keynote Speaker Square

Nick Jankel: Executive Coach & C-Suite Advisor


Gain more headspace, clarity, creativity, resilience, and a strategic thinking partner

Coaching specialties include:

VP>SVP>C-Suite transitions
C-Suite coherence, influence, and alignment
Leading innovation and business transformation
Leadership purpose and legacy
Wise and conscious leadership
Systemic change and regenerative business
Storytelling & public speaking
Mid-life and later-life transitions

Alison Exec Coaching 1

Alison McAulay: Executive Coach & Embodied Transformation Coach


Gain more perspective, embodied awareness, resourcefulness, purpose, and relational power

Coaching specialties include:

Female empowerment and confidence
Perfectionism and imposter syndromes
Harnessing feminine and relational intelligence
Menopause and perimenopausal challenges
Leapfrogging careers after children
Emotional stability and mastery
Dealing with stress, overwhelm, and trauma
Life crises & transitions

Leadership Coaching

Scale and spread executive leadership coaching without the usual costs, limitations, and headaches.

Leaders coach progress at their own pace and in their own space—learning how to coach others to break through and transform while being coached themselves.

The toolkit can be used in-person or remotely—and standalone or as part of a full-spectrum program—and the experience creates a sense of belonging and trust in the hybrid workplace.

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