Embodied Executive Coaching For Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs

With Master Coach & Somatic Therapist Alison McAulay

Get to the next level of growth, impact, and influence as an ambitious and purpose-driven female leader

Unlock high performance in yourself and others without losing your humanity

Experience powerful and profound breakthroughs in your most pressing leadership challenges by working with your mind and body

Unleash stored-up energy, aliveness, and potency that has been locked in by dealing with stress, adverse experiences, and difficult memories

Transform the beliefs, behaviors, and emotional states getting in the way of your confidence, capabilities, and coherence as a leader or entrepreneur

Develop a set of everyday practices and work/life rhythms that align with natural cycles, take care of all your responsibilities, and lead to regenerative outcomes for self, team, and family

“Alison is like a gentle scalpel: both challenging and nurturing me to transform—and go way beyond what I thought I could do.



Exec Coaching To Transform Your Most Intense Leadership Challenges

Alison is a former USA elite athlete and a trauma-informed therapist. She works with leaders in all sectors, with a bias towards VP and C-Level leaders in major multinationals and purpose-driven organizations who are looking for profound breakthroughs in adaptability, resilience, creativity, relationality, and high performance without losing their humanity.

Executive Coaching For Personal Leadership Mastery

Building A Transformation Mindset

Overcoming Imposter & High-Achiever Syndromes

Integrating Mind & Body For Resilience

Assertiveness & Authentic Voice for Introverts

Deep Listening, Presence & Receptivity for Extroverts

Coping With Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout

Transforming Sabotaging Behaviors & Habits

Emotional Regulation & Mastery

Finding & Embodying Leadership Purpose

Working With Lifestage Transitions

Executive Coaching To Lead Others

Develop Trusting & Reciprocal Relationships

Hold Safe and Brave Spaces

Support Others With Crises, Resilience & Wellbeing

Lead Purpose-Led Organizations

Develop Relational Intelligence

Develop Empowerment & Agency

Cultivate Belonging & Meaning At Work

Build Human-Centric Cultures

Inspire Positivity & Growth

Navigate Difficult Relationships & Conversations

“After transforming some old fears that I thought were gone, I realized my purpose was quite different—and Alison helped me integrate it into my family life and work.”


Purpose-Led Entrepreneur

About Exec Coach Alison McAulay BA, RCST

Alison McAulay is a groundbreaking leadership development theorist and practitioner, executive coach, and trauma-based therapist.

Her mission is to re-humanize businesses— nd their teams and cultures—by expanding the consciousness, compassion, creativity, and capabilities of senior leaders and the team members they lead.

Alison is the co-founder of boutique leadership consultancy, Switch On Leadership. In this role, she is a coach and advisor to CEOs and teams at organizations like Syngenta, Zalando, Citizen, and LEGO.

Alison McAulay is a former Team USA elite gymnast, professional dancer, and choreographer in Los Angeles and San Francisco; she has a BA in Performing Arts and advanced training in trauma-informed therapies, including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, EMDR, ACT, Attachment Theory, and Kundalini Yoga.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience transforming hearts and minds, she has spent many years working with her SOL co-founder to unfold the Self-to-System leadership method and the theory that powers it, Bio-Transformation.

    “It was wonderful to feel safe enough to let go of some things I thought I wasn’t ready to deal with.”


Changemaker & Community Leader

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