Executive Coaching

Transformational, trauma-informed, and embodied executive coaching—specializing in C-level women, female leaders, and regenerative male leaders

“Alison is like a gentle scalpel: both challenging and nurturing me to transform—and go way beyond what I thought I could do.



Transform Your Most Intense Challenges


Personal Leadership Challenges

Lack of Leadership Confidence & Capabilities
Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout
Imposter & High-Achiever Syndromes
Loss, Grief & Mood Challenges
Feeling Disconnected, Disembodied, Numb
Sabotaging Behaviors, Habits & Addictions
Developmental Trauma & Emotional Pain

Organizational Leadership Challenges

Transitioning Careers & Lifestages
Finding & Embodying Leadership Purpose
Purpose-Led Entrepreneurship
Team Empowerment & Boundary Setting
Navigating Difficult Relationships & Systems
Female & Feminine Leadership
Motherhood, Menopause & Leadership

“After transforming some old fears that I thought were gone, I realized my purpose was quite different—and Alison helped me integrate it into my family life and work.”


Purpose-Led Entrepreneur

Executive Coaching Packages

Initial Session $200

1 x 90-minute session
100% online (Zoom)
+ WhatsApp support for 1 week (business hours, fair use policy)
+ Customized transformation tools to fit your challenges
+ Curated embodied wisdom practices to fit your development

                                                                                                     Continued Subscription $400

2 x 90-minute sessions per month
100% online (Zoom)
+ WhatsApp support (business hours, fair use policy)
+ Customized transformation tools to fit your challenges
+ Curated embodied wisdom practices to fit your development

    “It was wonderful to feel safe enough to let go of some things I thought I wasn’t ready to deal with.”


Community Leader

About Alison McAulay BA, RCST

Ali Elbow
Alison McAulay is a leadership development theorist and practitioner, executive coach, and trauma-based therapist. She is a co-creator of Bio-Transformation Theory®, a cohesive theory and toolset for activating lasting, positive change in individuals, teams, organizations, and systems—underpinned by the latest brain and behavior science and timeless wisdom.  Alison has coached individual leaders, and co-led leadership programs, in Europe, China, and the USA (e.g. Zalando, LEGO, Citizen).
Alison helps ambitious leaders develop deep embodied wisdom, master their emotions and felt senses, and transform patterns that are blocking their potential. She is a specialist in the power and challenges of bringing feminine, relational, and parental insights into the workplace—and build the confidence and consciousness to break into senior purpose-driven roles.
Alison is a former US elite gymnast and professional contemporary dancer and choreographer. She taught embodiment and empowerment to children in schools across California, worked in the California State Prison System (San Quentin), and lectured at UC San Francisco. She has a BA and has completed advanced training in trauma-informed therapies and yoga.

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