Transformation Coaching
with Alison McAulay

Transform the wounds, pain, beliefs and habits holding you back—so you can make change happen in your life, community and projects with maximum courage, compassion and commitment.

“Alison is like a gentle scalpel: both challenging and nurturing me to heal and transform—and go way beyond what I thought I could do.


Change Agent

Embodied Transformation Coaching

For Change Agents, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Family Leaders, Purpose-Led Professionals, Heart-Led Activists, Corporate Leaders, Climate Pioneers & Social Innovators

20+ Years Experience In Leadership Transformation

Embodied Leadership Coach

Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Embodiment Teacher (incl. Kundalini Yoga, Dance Therapy)

Specialties: Developmental trauma, PTSD, stress ,anxiety, overwhelm and stuckness, imposter syndrome, dissociation, boundaries and mood issues, life crises & life-stage transitions, love, relationship and intimacy issues, loss of meaning/belonging, finding and integrating purpose.

“After transforming some old fears that I thought were gone, I realized my purpose was quite different—and Alison helped me integrate it into my family life and work.”


Purpose-Led Entrepreneur

Transform Your Most Intense Challenges


Personal Challenges & Pain

Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout
Chronic Systemic Pain & Fatigue (E.g. M.E., Fibromyalgia)
Hypervigilance & Anxiety
Loss, Grief & Mood Challenges
Feeling Disconnected, Disembodied, Numb
Sabotaging Behaviors, Habits & Addictions
Developmental Trauma & Emotional Pain

Relationship & Family Challenges

Relationship Breakdowns
Family & Friendship Resentments
Destructive Dynamics & Communication
Heartbreak & Loss of Hope
Social Anxiety & Sense Of Not Belonging
Commitment Challenges, Ambivalence & Fear of Intimacy
Parenting Issues & Struggles

Career & Purpose Challenges

Transitioning from Job to Purpose
Too Many Career Options & Choices
Lack of Leadership
Loss Of Meaning & Purpose
Lack Of Confidence & Courage
Imposter & High Achiever Syndromes
Procrastination & Sabotage

“I feel like I have been emotionally constipated my whole life—and Alison pulled the plug.”


Father & Performer

What Is Embodied Transformation Coaching?

Unlike traditional methods of coaching, Embodied Transformation Coaching is a blend of:

therapy (releasing past developmental trauma, pain memories, protective patterning, and adverse experiences)

healing (repairing in the present moment with your body’s innate capacity to resource and restore)

coaching (creating your future by embedding new beliefs, insights, and ideas into your life, relationships and work)

All of my work is based on our methodology of change called Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice.

Trauma-Sensitive Self-Healing

Brain-Based Breakthough Coaching

Embodied Wisdom Practices (E.g. Breathwork, Movement, Vizualizations, Stillness)

Mindset & Consciousness Upgrades

Transforming Relational Fields

Integrated Science & Spirituality

Creative Flow & New Habits

Purpose & Regenerative Living

    “It was wonderful to feel safe enough to let go of some things I thought I wasn’t ready to deal with.”


Community Leader

The Transformation Curve

The practical, profound, and proven 7-step transformation pathway you will journey through.

Transformational Coaching Packages

Initial Engagement

6-week package
4 x 90-minute sessions
100% online (Zoom)
+ WhatsApp support (business hours, fair use policy)
+ Customized transformation tools to fit your challenges
+ Curated embodied wisdom practices to fit your development

$1000 / £800

Continuation Package

2 sessions/month
100% virtual
Responsive combination of healing/coaching/learning/guidance
Acute issues/problems + Chronic challenges/life stage transitions
WhatsApp support (business hours, fair use policy)
Supportive journey for continued transformation

$400 / £290 per month

About Alison McAulay BA, RCST

Ali Elbow
Alison McAulay is a transformation teacher, trauma-based therapist, and embodied wisdom practitioner—and, is the co-creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®. She has worked with private clients, and led healing, leadership and transformation programs in Britain, China, Europe, and across the USA. Alison is a former US elite gymnast and professional contemporary dancer and choreographer. 
Alison has a Liberal Arts degree (specialization in Performing Arts), and has completed advanced training in both craniosacral therapy and kundalini yoga. She is most passionate about helping people to understand how their nervous system experiences trauma and stress, and how they can come into a co-creative relationship with their body’s innate wisdom to self-heal.
A committed social entrepreneur, Alison has taught embodied wisdom to children in schools, has worked in the California State Prison system (including San Quentin); and has taught at UC San Francisco. She is committed to connecting personal transformation to social change and ecological regeneration.

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