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Through purposeful leadership, we learn how to create exponential impact with change so that we can always metabolize problems that arise within our ever-more networked, disrupted and stressed world into value. Similar to conscious leadership in many ways, purposeful leadership is a powerful catalyst to change within an individual, company or organisation.

Purposeful leadership allows us to explore the massive opportunities hidden within the threats of: global risks, customer changes and the 4th Industrial Revolution – and how we truly own and take responsibility for solving these problems with a Founder’s Mindset.

We look at how to move from Industrial-Age to Digital-Age thinking, models and leadership and so embed continuous digital transformations. We master how to lead breakthroughs: transformational changes that create exponential impact but which cannot be predicted by extrapolating the past.

Through this intersection of leadership and purpose, we explore how to lead people along the Transformation Curve (the archetypal blueprint of lasting change in self and systems). This includes the challenging journey through the ‘edge of chaos’ – the zone of maximum creativity and confusion.

Purposeful leadership allows us to master how to make bold and tough decisions without perfect data. Such decisions must get results but also balance profit with people, planet and purpose.

The key is to master the creative tension between data-driven and intuitive decision-making – both are needed in volatile environments – and how we can resist the peer pressure and institutional thinking that encourage us to think and act in ways that are out of alignment with our values.

And finally, purposeful leadership allows us to learn how to find and align leadership, brand and business purpose in service of maximum thriving and minimum suffering. With leadership and purpose aligned, the most powerful anchor in the VUCA world and the only force strong enough to outweigh the fear and overwhelm, this allows us to make purposeful projects happen with brilliance.

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