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Influential leadership is all about using your powers of persuasion to help harness effective change. Also known as persuasive leadership style, this highly effective management practice is gaining popularity in business circles. Similar to collaborative leadership in many ways, influential leadership is all about working together to achieve a desirable outcome.

Through influential leadership, we master biology-based tools that enable us to harness ‘soft power’ to persuade people, ethically, to make things happen with minimal resistance and maximum sustained energy – crucial in today’s matrix organizations and ecosystem collaborations.

We learn how to harness behavioural interventions to get people moving, reduce friction and cut through ‘treacle’ to Get Stuff Done. We learn how to leverage the power of vision and commitment to inspire people to change; and how to authentically embody the change so others follow our lead.

This unique persuasive leadership style allows us to master how to design leadership, brand and innovation ‘stories’ that paint pictures of possibility that inspire hearts, elevate minds and invite immediate action. We learn how to craft powerful narratives that connect emotionally, justify rationally and make change urgent, compelling and clear.

We learn how to demonstrate what is in it for our audience and how to lead them to fulfil their optimal role in making change happen. We learn how to perform and present live, in ways that connect deeply and engage hearts and minds to act.

We learn how to identify and activate formal and informal networks to maximize creativity and impact, and accelerate take-up of new systems, mindsets and innovations. We explore how to build alliances of the willing and how to turn cynics and resistors into advocates and ambassadors through deep empathy.

And finally, influential leadership allows us to master how to fine-tune our social intelligence so we can elegantly surface and transcend hidden agendas and connect people. We explore how to quickly generate common purpose to galvanize passion and focus attention.

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