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Through conscious leadership, we can strive to put conscious business at the heart of everything we do. This isn’t something that we can learn overnight, but instead represents a series of significant and powerful shifts.

With the help of conscious leadership, we master brain- and biology-based tools that radically increase our range and palette of leadership responses, ensuring we can be endlessly agile, creative, compassionate and collaborative, rather than controlling, defensive and reactive.

We use transformation tools to quickly break through outdated habits to create new ones; and challenge old assumptions to change mindsets. Then we can forge the future without limit.

We progressively deepen skills at reflection, self-awareness and vulnerability; and emotional regulation, processing and courage. We learn that there can be no behavioural agility without emotional stability.

We master powerful transformation practices that allow us to consciously settle our nervous system and those of others; overcome resistance to build resilience; edit stories and self-talk; transcend blame, shame and complain; and process unconscious triggers and derailers.

Above all, conscious leadership allows us to learn how to proactively break through controlling and protective habits of mood, thought and action that hijack our best intentions, diminish both ourselves and others, and block innovation, collaboration, adaptability and agility.

We master executive presence so that we can show up to every meeting, pitch and project to perform at our best. We learn how to actively master our own time, mood and energy so we can grow rapidly at our ‘leadership edge’ – yet never risk breakdown or burnout. We explore self-care strategies so we can avoid stress and overwhelm – allowing us to inexhaustibly lead others.

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